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HAYGAIN steamed hay provides the answer for Laura’s team

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Laura B 750x426 - HAYGAIN steamed hay provides the answer for Laura’s team

Laura B 300x239 - HAYGAIN steamed hay provides the answer for Laura’s teamLeading international dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer is currently ranked third in the world and is definitely one to watch this summer. With a fantastic team of top-class horses and some exciting youngsters, Laura knows only too well the importance of feeding high quality forage to help achieve her horse’s best performance.
Having had to withdraw from an important competition on at least one occasion because one of her horses coughing or experiencing exaggerated breathing, Laura soon realised that the problem was associated with dust from the hay the horses were eating. Perfect, dust-free hay, is almost impossible to obtain in our moist climate, even if it is expensive and looks good it still contains bacteria and fungal spores!
“But then”, says Laura, “we discovered HAYGAIN. This revolutionised the way we feed hay both at home, at a show and while travelling. My horses now get hay that is dust and spore free, yet contains no less nutrients than before it was steamed. Alf (Mistral Hojris) eats HAYGAIN steamed hay at home, in the lorry and at shows as we have the HG-GO portable hay steamer which makes it easy for my groom Tracy to use on the road”.
Said Tracy Cox, Laura’s groom: “As the luckiest person in the world to be M H’s ‘Alf’s ‘ groom, I have a great responsibility. So when we were introduced to the HAYGAIN system I was very keen to try it. We bought the HG600 over 6 months ago and more recently got the travel unit so the HG600 could stay at home when we are away competing. Both systems are easy; just fill with loose hay or hay nets, set the timer and 45 min later it’s ready. It gives me comfort to know that no matter how good the quality of the hay is, I am always feeding it pure and clean…. everything an athlete like Alf should have for maximum performance. Oh and while its cooking the smell is divine!”
HAYGAIN are a range of British designed, British manufactured and scientifically-proven hay steamers which produce palatable, dust-free hay helping to maintain a healthy and efficient respiratory system. Currently available in three models, the HG-1000, the HG-600 and the HG-GO, the units produce ready-to-feed steamed hay after steaming cycles of 50 minutes and less.
For further information please contact HAYGAIN hay steamers on (033)2005233 or visit www.haygain.co.uk )

range 300x80 - HAYGAIN steamed hay provides the answer for Laura’s team

JSW Banner 01 12 copy - HAYGAIN steamed hay provides the answer for Laura’s team
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