Guardian Equestrian’s revolutionary rug saves lives

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GuardianLogo-ProfileIconGuardian Equestrian have launched the first ever field safety rug, designed to keep horses safe and secure while turned out. The Guardian Equestrian Rug uses revolutionary patent pending technology that is sewn into the chest of the rug, allowing the effects of electric fencing to be conducted. The creation of this revolutionary rug is designed to save lives and give horse owners peace of mind while their horses are turned out.

The innovative material sewn into the chest of the horse’s rug allows the intended shock of electric fencing to be conducted upon approach or contact with electric fencing, thus prohibiting horses from breaking fencing in order to escape from fields. Traditional rugs often allow horses to push through electric fence tape while being protected from the intended shock, due to the insulating nature of a conventional rug.

Regular turnout is paramount to the health and happiness of horses; however, over forty percent of all accidents happen while horses are turned out. One report from the Kent Police shows that in 2011 alone, over £100,000 pounds was spent as a result of loose horses on the road. This cost includes the transportation and care of horses that managed to become loose on the roads of Kent. Legally, owners are required to reimburse the Police Service of this cost, which alongside the potential for veterinary treatment, an escaped horse could saddle owners with a considerable cost. Officers have reported several instances of escaped horses that have been near fatal to the animals and also involved motorists. Since 2000, the British Horse Society has had 158 serious road accidents reported to have been caused on the road due to loose horses. This figure is likely to be only a fraction of the number of horses who successfully managed to escape onto roads but did not cause injury to other road users.

porsche 101The enhanced security of the Guardian Equestrian Rugs allows horses the freedom to enjoy their natural behaviour and environment while owners can be happy with the knowledge that their horses are safe and protected in their fields and paddocks.

Guardian Equestrian Rugs have been created with safety and quality at the forefront of the design. The high specification rug boasts a number of features including: patent pending technology sewn into the chest of the rug, warm 250g filling, 1200 denier rip-stop outer material, removable neck cover and shaped tail guard.

For more information on the technical design of the rug, caring for the rug and to buy a Guardian Equestrian Rug, please visit the website or visit the Facebook page

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