Gayle Bloomfield wins sponsorship from Mirrors for Training!

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MFT Sponsored Rider 643x426 - Gayle Bloomfield wins sponsorship from Mirrors for Training!

MFT Sponsored Rider 150x150 - Gayle Bloomfield wins sponsorship from Mirrors for Training!Gayle Bloomfield was the lucky recipient of Mirrors for Training’s 2013 sponsorship competition- receiving four arena mirrors…which she kindly donated to the Pegasus Centre, where she is based.

Gayle was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and is a grade II listed para-dressage rider. She had a very successful 2012, notching up an amazing list of achievements including Grade II restricted champion 2012 at the British Para Championships at Hickstead, RDA National Champion grade II, RDA National Champion grade II music 2012, Pride of Northumberland Sporting Achievements winner 2012…and many, many more.

“I was shocked and chuffed to bits to be shortlisted, however, I knew voting would be fierce for such a fantastic competition,” says Gayle. “I am very lucky to have the most amazing friends, and they were phenomenal in getting people to vote, it would have been impossible to win without their huge support! We were so behind to start off with, that I really did not think we could do it, but my friends were on a mission, it was so close right up to the end. I could not believe it when we won! My phone was non stop, friends ringing me screaming down the phone as we were all so excited to win!

“ The mirrors have already made a vast difference to me and everybody that rides at the Pegasus Centre- I really do not know how I ever managed without them! The reflection is such good quality that you do not miss a trick. They have been particularly fantastic in helping me with posture and position and to see how these influence my horse.

“I feel very privileged to have won this competition, and to have such an amazing training aid to use.”

“We were overwhelmed by the response to our sponsorship offer, and it really was very close at the end,” says Andrea Miles from Mirrors for Training. “We’re delighted that Gayle won and were touched that she’d donated her mirrors to the Pegasus Centre, which helps people with a wide range of disabilities enjoy riding. We hope that Gayle and everyone at the Pegasus Centre enjoys the mirrors, and reaps the benefits.”

For more information on Mirrors for Training, see, email or call 01902 791207.

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