Freddie raises a ‘marathon’ amount of money for The Brooke in memory of his Mother!

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Freddie Allen running London Marathon for Brooke 750x440 - Freddie raises a 'marathon' amount of money for The Brooke in memory of his Mother!

Freddie Allen Marathon finish line 225x300 - Freddie raises a 'marathon' amount of money for The Brooke in memory of his Mother!Freddie Allen, who you may remember we featured in our April edition, has completed the London Marathon in honour of his Mum, eventer Jo Lomas who sadly was killed in a horse-related incident.  Freddie was running to raise money for a charity close to his Mothers heart, The Brooke. 

He had set a target of £2000 and has absolutely smashed it, with the total currently sitting at above £4000.    Not only that, he ran the marathon in an impressive 3 hours 51 minutes. 

Q: How did you feel crossing the finish line? 

A: A mixture of emotions- the agony in all my muscles, bones and joints having just pounded the roads for 26.2 miles, coupled with the relief that the marathon was finally over. However as I found my friends and family, that’s when the sadness struck that I wasn’t able to give my Mother a hug at the finish line.

Q: How was the run? What was the hardest bit?

A: The first half went well as I was well on track for my target of sub 3.30. However at mile 16 I could no longer keep up that pace- I had cramps in my legs and was sick. This is definitely the hardest part of the race- knowing there was still 10 miles to go!!! The final 8-10 miles were very painful.

The support I received however was immense. It was this support from the crowd and the vast amount of donations that I received from so many kind people that spurred me on to the finish line!

Q: What’s the first thing you did after finishing the marathon to celebrate?

A: I sat in a heap on the grass in Green Park with my friends and girlfriend (Rosa) who has been with me throughout this Marathon ordeal every step of the way, and to whom I owe an enormous amount of thanks. Afterwards we went to Clapham for a pub lunch with more friends and family. All I could stomach was a pint of coke, one slice of pizza and an apple and blue crumble.

Q: What made you want to run for Brooke?

A: My Mother Jo. Mum adored animals, and no animal greater than her horses. Horses were her life and still are for my family. She cared deeply for the wellbeing of all animals, and this is something that I have inherited from her. Brooke was therefore the perfect and only charity I wanted to run and raise money for.

Freddie Allen running London Marathon for Brooke 199x300 - Freddie raises a 'marathon' amount of money for The Brooke in memory of his Mother!Q: How was the training for the marathon?

A: Barring a couple of painful longer runs around South West London, I actually enjoyed the training. A ran around the picturesque Rutland Water on two occasions which were undoubtedly my favourite runs. Once a week I also performed an interval training programme at Tooting Bec Athletics track which was a welcome change to pounding the streets of London.

Q: Would you do another marathon?

A: Never say never, but I certainly do not intend to do another one for a long time. I have now completed 2 marathons in 2 years, and am therefore going to give my body a well-earned rest.  

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