FRANKEL: Thirteen Facts, Thirteen Wins and Just Days to Go!

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Frankel ridden by Tom Queally 750x426 - FRANKEL: Thirteen Facts, Thirteen Wins and Just Days to Go!

Frankel ridden by Tom Queally 300x169 - FRANKEL: Thirteen Facts, Thirteen Wins and Just Days to Go!Thirteen Things you didn’t know about the World’s Greatest Racehorse

The world’s greatest racehorse, Frankel, arguably one of the best horses of all time, will be racing for what is expected to be his final time in just 12 days (20th October), at the sellout QIPCO British Champions Day at Ascot.

With 13 wins from 13 incredible runs, Frankel has captured the hearts of the public, justifying every penny of his £100 million valuation and expecting to command around £100,000 a ‘go’ in his future career at stud.

As the big day approaches, reveals some little-known facts about the World Number One, offering a glimpse of the superstar’s personality, his day-to-day life and what really goes on behind the scenes at his trainer, Sir Henry Cecil’s, Newmarket stable:

1. Frankel’s life began in Box Number 5 of the Foaling Unit at Banstead Manor Stud in Newmarket, Suffolk, where he was born at 11.40pm on 11th February 2008. He weighed 123lb (8 stone 11lbs) – around the same weight as an average flat racing jockey.

2. He went into training with Sir Henry Cecil on 14th January 2010, having first completed his pre-training in Ireland.

3. When Frankel arrived at Sir Henry’s Newmarket yard, Warren Place, he went into one of the barns that’s used for the yearlings. Towards the middle of his two-year-old career, he was moved to a “bigger and better” box. However, he didn’t like it and wouldn’t settle, so he had to be moved back. The team attempted to move him again, later in the year, but the same thing happened. He clearly prefers his original box, which now boasts CCTV – a must when stabling a horse of such value.

4. Frankel is an early starter, normally waking up before 4.30am, when Dee Deacon (Head Girl) arrives at the yard to give the horses their morning feed.

5. He eats three feeds each day and snacks on English hay – older horses usually eat American hay, but this proved a little too rich for Frankel. For his main feed, he eats corn, alfalfa chaff and bran, and likes a carrot treat. He also has a calcium supplement to keep his bones in good shape. He eats more than any other horse in the yard – about 23lbs of Canadian oats per day, which is the equivalent of approximately 600 Weetabix biscuits.

6. When he’s not exercising or picking grass in the paddock, he spends his time watching the world from his stable window. His exercise varies considerably depending on the time of year; Shane Fetherstonhaugh rides him nearly every day and professional jockey, Tom Queally, rides him in all his races.

7. Frankel was the first ever racehorse to have his very own TV commercial.

8. 294,000 racegoers have witnessed Frankel’s 13 victories, more than three times the number that attend a Cup Final at Wembley Stadium.

9. He has the largest feet in the yard and wears size 7½ shoes in front and size 7 behind.

10. His best friend is his three-part brother, Bullet Train, who always accompanies him in his exercise and lives in the same barn as him. It’s often reported that, when Frankel is at the racecourse, he must be stabled separately to the other horses but this is a myth – it’s actually Bullet Train who is stabled separately.

11. Frankel is a very inquisitive character and likes to know what is going on. He is naturally competitive and, according to his team, knows that he is something special.

12. Frankel mostly sleeps standing up but, when he does lie down, his bed is made of shavings.

13. He is looked after by a small team of people, consisting of Stable Lad, Sandeep Gauravaram, Head Girl, Dee Deacon, Work Rider, Shane Fetherstonhaugh, Vet, Charlie Smith and Farrier, Stephen Kielt, all of whom are overseen by Assistant Trainer Mike Marshall and Sir Henry Cecil himself.

Racing banner1 300x60 - FRANKEL: Thirteen Facts, Thirteen Wins and Just Days to Go!To watch all the action from QIPCO British Champions Day, including Frankel, tune into BBC1 from 1.30pm or listen on BBC Radio 5 Live. For more information, visit

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