For the Longer-Legged Rider!

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Jumping-LLAlthough having longer legs is usually thought of as an advantage when it comes to riding there are times when it can be difficult to find a saddle that is comfortable for the taller rider.With longer limbs in mind, Black Country Saddles developed the Jumping-LL saddlewhich is specifically designed to allow more room for riders with longer legs.

These riders will know that forward-fitting flaps can cause a problem due to the blockbeing in the incorrect place for comfort.  Therefore the padded knee block on thissaddle is especially designed to be longer and sit below the knee rather than at thethigh, allowing the rider better flexibility. The Black Country Jumping-LL is available in black, brown, havana and oxblood, insizes 16 to  19 inches.  It  is  also  available  in  a  range of  width  fittings,  making itadaptable to a variety of horses.

For more information or help with buying a new saddle contact Black Country Saddles on 01543 578 243 or visit

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