Flying the Flag

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Kate Negus’ new bridle stud was due to debut at this year’s Badminton, with a striking Union Jack taking the place of the previous green and gold pin.  “We’re very proud of our English heritage, in fact, our whole process takes place in the UK with the product being designed in Wiltshire, the leather being tanned in Yorkshire, and the bridles and other leatherwork being crafted in Walsall,” says Managing Director Julia Andrews.  “Our brochures and website proudly display the Union Jack, but we wanted to do something else, and we couldn’t think of a better place than the bridle stud. It’s ideal for those who are feeling a little patriotic this year, and it’s a great way to illustrate that we’re proud to be British. We know that many companies now manufacture abroad, but we don’t, and we’re pleased to be supporting craftsmen who have been creating the most exceptional leatherwork for years.   “We know our customers appreciate quality and attention to detail, and this is the very essence of Kate Negus. We’ve also updated our tagline to Bespoke British Bridlework, because that’s exactly what where are about. We’re proud to be British, we’re proud to offer a bespoke approach at a reasonable price, and we are best known for our exceptional bridlework.”  The Kate Negus range continues to be popular with riders of all levels across all disciplines. The company sponsor a number of riders including eventers David Doel, Helen Cole, Lucie McNichol, Sarah Cohen and Sacha Pemble. They also sponsor Pippa Hutton and Sam Rahmatalla from the dressage world. Most of the company’s sponsored riders have worn the Union Jack at some point in their careers.  The collection provides riders with top quality bridlework that they can select the individual component pieces for at the time of purchase, to prevent the need to buy extra pieces to make the bridle fit. All new stock that features a stud will be sold with the Union Jack bridle stud, although there are currently items available with the green stud, due to Badminton’s cancellation. For those wanting to buy a new browband by itself, they are able to, with prices starting from just £21 for a competition browband, going up to £50 for a diamante or curved diamante browband.   To find out more, see, call 01249 740590 or email 

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EL Sept  Digital banner 728 x 90 - Flying the Flag
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