Flexineb 2 offers advancements in respiratory treatments

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Flexineb 436x291 - Flexineb 2 offers advancements in respiratory treatments

FlexinebThe new Flexineb 2 is a fast portable equine nebuliser, which is designed to help horses who suffer from respiratory problems or poor performance.
Since 2011 Flexineb has been helping to combat some of the most frequently occurring respiratory disorders in the equine species, such are Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) or heaves, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD), and Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH) or bleeding.
The blue flexible mask, battery powered control unit and 10 mls medication cup have replaced the old cumbersome, heavy nebuliser systems that were dominated by hoses and compressors. It is completely silent and lightweight so is well tolerated by horses and the flow rate is typically 1.0ml/min with 0.9% NaCl solution, but is dependent on the drug used.
As a result of communicating closely with veterinarians, trainers, riders and owners Nortev and Flexineb’s UK distributor HAYGAIN are delighted to announce the new and improved Flexineb 2, which has built upon the main features of the original Flexineb.
The new key benefits include a longer battery life and improved protection against moisture damage. The new cable mechanism makes Flexineb even easier to use. There is no requirement to Pull & Slide an outer nut; the new design is a simple “plug & play” combination. It has added strain relief for protection against breaking, and is removed from the med cup/controller by simply pulling it.
Improved Medication Cup life, through the novel and unique Automatic Tuning (AMT) also feature of Flexineb 2.
It is this unique AMT feature that gives the greatest advancement in the Flexineb 2 technology. All vibrating mesh nebulisers operate by vibrating a membrane at a fixed frequency – “x” number of times a second (e.g. 100,000 times). Flexineb 2 has the ability to change the number of vibrations per second. The system automatically scans every 30 seconds, to determine the optimum operating point.
Viscosity of liquids, volume of medication prescribed and environmental temperature are all factors that contribute to how well vibrating mesh technologies operate.
Flexineb 2 can react via its AMT functionality, and therefore provides unrivalled control over critical parameters such as Treatment Time, Battery Life and Medication Cup Life. Every 30 seconds the software and circuit board performs a scan to determine if corrective action is required, thereby ensuring both caregiver and patient have the best possible experience when administrating inhalation care via Flexineb 2.
Aside from top racing yards around the UK, leading veterinary hospitals use Flexineb and recommend to their clients. Competition riders such as Billy Twomey, Tim and Jonelle Price, Zara Phillips and Sinead Halpin also benefit from using Flexineb on their horses.
For further information please contact HAYGAIN hay steamers on 0333 200 5233 or www.haygain.com

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