Feeding your horse the right supplements could keep him performing for longer

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With so many horse supplements on the market, finding ones you trust can be a tricky task for many horse owners. If you want to spend your money wisely, there are a few things to consider before parting with your cash:

• Choose supplements that contain high quality ingredients.
• Make sure they have been approved or developed by experts, such as a veterinarian or a farrier.
• Ensure the products are made on premises that conform to the strictest industry quality control standards. This is known as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
• If you compete, make sure the supplements are competition-friendly and contain no banned substances.
• Look for products that have been individually batch tested as this ensures you’re buying only the best.

All horse supplements in the VetVits range meet the requirements above. Developed by veterinarians, they contain only pure quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and have been clinically tested to ensure horses gain maximum benefit.

Supple joints
Your horse’s joints contain a naturally occurring amino acid known as glucosamine. This helps maintain cartilage and connective tissue. However this natural supply of glucosamine declines with age. Feeding your horse a joint supplement could therefore help prevent problems in the long run, as well as slowing down the effects of damage once it has occurred. VetVits EquiFlex contains 40% more glucosamine for horses than standard glucosamine sulphate, and is a cost-effective way to ensure your horse receives the optimum intake of nutrients.

For best possible results, VetVits recommends feeding EquiMSM alongside EquiFlex. A source of a naturally occurring sulphur compound, EquiMSM helps produce and regenerate body tissue such as muscles, bones, hair and skin.

Happy feet
The old saying ‘No Foot No Horse’ couldn’t be truer, which is why it’s important to keep hooves healthy for life. Farrier-approved, VetVits EquiHoof horse supplements contains a blend of natural ingredients, all known to help hoof horn stay strong and healthy. This palatable, alfalfa-based supplement contains zinc, methionine, calcium phosphate and biotin, which work together to promote healthy hooves, skin and hair.

Strong seniors
As your horse ages, his ability to manufacture and utilise nutrients declines. EquiSenior is an antioxidant-rich multivitamin that helps older horses stay healthy well into their senior years. Containing 15 vitamins, minerals and herbs, you can rest assured your equine partner will be receiving everything he needs in his veteran stage.

Calm temperament
Horses are flight animals and, in the wild, would need to be on their guard to flee from predators. It’s no wonder, then, that some equines are uptight and find domesticated life too much at times. Competing, travelling, clipping and other activities could cause your horse stress, but EquiCalm’s soothing blend of natural ingredients works together to build a horse’s resilience. Containing magnesium, B-vitamins, chamomile and lemon balm, EquiCalm will help make your horse more relaxed without causing drowsiness or affecting performance.

For more information on the VetVits horse supplements range, visit www.vetvits.co.uk

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