Feed Specialists Dodson & Horrell Launch a New Era of Herbs and Supplements

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DAILY RANGE 750x426 - Feed Specialists Dodson & Horrell Launch a New Era of Herbs and Supplements

DAILY RANGE 300x199 - Feed Specialists Dodson & Horrell Launch a New Era of Herbs and SupplementsDodson & Horrell know that all horse owners want to keep their horses in good health and in tip-top condition, which is why we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality horse feed. We also know that horses can really benefit from extra nutritional help and support to tackle issues such as stiff joints, itchy skin and low immunity.

Over the last 12 months, Dodson & Horrell has been speaking to horse owners and riders to find out what type of herbs and supplements they use and the reasons for doing so. This research has culminated in the development of a brand new range which includes nine supplements and 15 herbs and herbal blends which will help you to quickly and easily identify the herbs and/or supplements most suitable for your horse.

We have drawn upon our years of experience in manufacture; research and development to bring you tried and tested herbs as well as exciting new improvements to a selection of our supplements. A number of our supplements, including Daily Vitamins & Minerals, Digestive Support, Hoof Support, Joint Support and Performance Vitamins & Minerals, will be available in pellet format from 1st February 2012 onwards.

Chris Gordon, Dodson & Horrell Technical Director says of the changes: “As a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality horse feeds, we include a comprehensive mineral and vitamin supplement in all our feeds, however we have recognised that adding herbs and supplements to a horse’s daily diet is really beneficial for helping to manage behavioural issues, weak hooves or simply just supporting a healthy lifestyle for both leisure and performance horses.

“The change of some of our supplements from powders into pellets is a big improvement for both horse and owner. Our trials have found that the pellets are more acceptable to the horse as the pellets have a pleasant smell and taste and the pellets also improve flexibility of use as they can be fed on their own as well as within a horse’s daily feed. There is also less wastage from the pellets as powders can often be difficult to handle and can blow away or get stuck to the side of a feed bowl – our new pellets will help to prevent this from happening.”

The range of nine supplements includes products such as Digestive Support, which contains yeast, pre-biotics and psyllium for the nutritional maintenance of your horse’s digestive system and Vitalise, a supplement for promoting performance and vitality.

The 15 herbs and herbal blends include Stroppy Mare, which is aimed at hormonal mares and Mobility, which has been formulated to soothe joint and muscle conditions.

In line with our commitment to developing products to help support health and improve performance, Dodson & Horrell has also collaborated with Nottingham Vet School to find out more about what types of supplements horse owners and riders use and why.
The research found that a high percentage of the people that we spoke to were most interested with herbs and supplements designed specifically for joints and mobility and performance and behaviour. Our new ranges have been developed to help horse owners and riders locate these relevant herbs and supplements quickly and easily with our products being consolidated into ranges such as Behave, Move and Perform.

Visit www.dodsonandhorrell.com or call the Nutritional Helpline 0845 345 2627 to select the right herb or supplement for you horse.

HOOVES RANGE 300x199 - Feed Specialists Dodson & Horrell Launch a New Era of Herbs and Supplements
MOVE RANGE 300x199 - Feed Specialists Dodson & Horrell Launch a New Era of Herbs and Supplements

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