Fancy a Lesson with top trainer? John Whitaker! Mary King! Emile Faurie! Malcolm Pyrah! Andrew Gould! & many more!

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Kris Parsons 750x426 - Fancy a Lesson with top trainer? John Whitaker! Mary King! Emile Faurie! Malcolm Pyrah! Andrew Gould! & many more!


A team of UK farriers is linking up with a Kiwi group of vets and vet nurses to provide much needed medical assistance and professional hoof care to the beleaguered ‘Pyramid Horses’ in Cairo. Devon-based farriers Kris Parsons, Alex Eltringham and Roland Thompson have generously given up their time to help provide urgently needed hoof care solutions, whilst also running some educational and practical workshops for existing farriers in the city. They will be in Cairo in March 2012 for one week. The project ‘Cairo Farrier’ is raising funds a number of different ways and would be delighted hear from people with regard to sponsorship, products to take with them and donations to cover air fares, travelling, accommodation etc.

One of the fund raisers is an ‘auction of lessons’, very generously (and to my utter astonishment) donated by some of the TOP UK riders/trainers and include such legends as:-


Plus many, many more……

The auction is being held on the Cairo Farrier facebook page and starts Monday 20th February, running live for 5 days. For many people this will literally be a ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ DREAM LESSON with Olympic and World Class equestrians. In fact, I asked the question ‘who would your dream lesson by with’ on various forums and then actively tried to get those very people for the auction event.

The Pyramid Horses are victims of last year’s revolution; the associated fighting and violence on the streets resulted in a huge downturn in tourism and the income that historically provided for the welfare and feeding of these horses. It is hoped ‘Cairo Farrier’, as a project, will become an annual event allowing qualified farriers to take their apprentices for what will definitely be an ‘eye opening’ experience, but also provide valuable lessons and insight as to what can happen when different environmental and physical factors come into play. For instance, horses in Egypt suffer terribly from stress laminitis, rarely seen in the UK where our lush grass is the main culprit. We also want to take saddle fitters with us next time to try and address some of the terrible sores you see from hideously ill fitting saddles and harnesses. It is vitally important to help train the local community to provide an income for them to feed their own families and help the Egyptian economy recover.

Various events are planned including the brilliant and unique ‘auction of lessons’. However, we would be delighted to hear of other ideas, events etc that would help with our fundraising. Time is very much of the essence! If you are able to help this project in any way please contact us via….



 Kris Parsons

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