EVENT BREASTPLATE 2012 from Amerigo

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Amerigo Logo JPG 750x371 - EVENT BREASTPLATE 2012 from Amerigo

Amerigo Logo JPGThe Amerigo Event Breastplate (BP06AME) has been designed for event and jump riders to offer additional security when needed and is part of their great range of superior, premium accessories.
The unique design of this combined breastplate and martingale allows for total freedom of movement. It has an anatomically shaped chest pad which is softly padded and to which all the various straps are attached.
Unlike traditional breastplates this Amerigo design features two elasticated shoulder straps. One fixes lower down to the girth straps and the other fixes to the top D rings of the saddle so giving double the security. They are also carefully positioned to give gentle pressure on the lower part of the horses neck encouraging it to soften and round, yet they leave the shoulder free for unhindered movement over fences.
The leather martingale straps are simply clipped onto the chest pad and are completely detachable should the rider not require them.
Made from premium quality Italian leather, stainless steel fixings and top grade elastic in Black with a Green edge this is a serious piece of kit for professional and amateur riders.
Used by Leading event rider Sam Watson, he comments “ Amerigo design some of the most technically advanced riding equipment for event riders. Their quality is superior to many other brands which means it lasts longer and goes the distance!”
Available in Brown/Black/Newmarket and Aged Oak RRP: £159.00
RRP: £195.00
For further information: www.zebraproducts.co.uk
01352 763350


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