Equine Products UK celebrates 40 years of supporting horse owners and trainers around the world

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Ben Hobday jumping at Gatcombe  750x440 - Equine Products UK celebrates 40 years of supporting horse owners and trainers around the world

Ben Hobday jumping at Gatcombe  1024x682 - Equine Products UK celebrates 40 years of supporting horse owners and trainers around the worldEquine Products UK is one of the nation’s best-known feed supplement brands, used and loved by riders and trainers at every level of every discipline. You’ll find their goods in the feed rooms, first aid kits and grooming boxes of everyone from happy hackers and grassroots competitors to popular event rider Ben Hobday and 11-time Champion National Hunt trainer Paul Nicholls. Equine Products UK’s pioneering approach to equine nutrition aims to support optimum equine health and ensure horses are able to achieve their maximum genetic potential. Who wouldn’t want that for their beloved horses?  As the brand nears its 40th birthday, we’re taking a closer look at the people and science behind this innovative equine business.

Enda Kelly general manager at Equine Products UK Ltd  200x300 - Equine Products UK celebrates 40 years of supporting horse owners and trainers around the worldEquine Products UK was founded in 1981, so is just a few months away from celebrating 4 decades in business. An amazing landmark for any business to achieve, but particularly noteworthy during these incredibly tough times. The company, which is based out of a state-of-warehousing facility in the north east of England, is headed up by Enda Kelly who oversees every aspect of the business.

Enda joined Equine Products UK 7 years ago after a distinguished career in racing including 6 years training under his own license in Ireland and stints as assistant trainer to Aidan O’Brien at Ballydoyle, D.Wayne Lukas in California and John Dunlop in Arundel, West Sussex.  This ‘on the ground’ experience combined with a degree and a master’s degree in Equine Science ensures the brand is headed up by someone with a keen awareness of what trainers and riders are looking for in their feed supplements. Enda is supported by a small but dedicated team of staff who ensure the office, production facility and warehouse all run smoothly and offer exceptional customer service to retailers and stockists around the world. EPUK is proud to offer a personal service to all customers, giving them one-to-one nutritional advice if needed and ensuring they pick the right products for their horse.

So, which are the stand-out products from the Equine Products UK range? Clearly the supplements and tonics you decide to feed your horse depend on its current job – a broodmare will need different nutrition to a retired hunter; an advanced eventer often needs more support than a child’s pony. The brand has grouped a collection of supplements and tonics designed to form the cornerstone of an equine training regime – the ‘Super 6’. The Super 6 includes:

Premier E

A powerful antioxidant supplement which is packed with Vitamin E, Premier E helps to build muscle and mops up free radicals. It is formulated for horses needing the highest level of nutritional support and can assist in the fertility of mares and stallions.


TransVite Excel is a combined pro and prebiotic powder which is formulated to improve digestive function in equines. It contains active components which are proven to improve fibre digestion in horses and act as food substances for the beneficial bacteria found in a healthy hind gut.

Selenavite E

Selenavite E is a balanced supplement providing essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, which is available in a liquid or powder form. It’s designed to deliver a balanced daily nutritional supplement for horses and ponies undertaking all levels of work.

Haemavite B Plus

This supplement is designed to assist in the maintenance of healthy blood levels and contains four key elements in an appetising syrup base or as a powder. It is normally fed prior to races or intense competition to assist maximum levels of essential blood nutrients needed by horses and ponies when in hard work.


Restore-Lyte is a multi-purpose tonic designed for use after hard work. It contains essential electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat and replaces muscle glycogen, supporting the recovery of a horse or pony after racing or intense exercise. Restore-Lyte is available as a liquid or powder or as a one shot syringe.


Relax is one of Equine Products UK’s best-selling equine health products, a cooling clay designed to sooth and support swelling and soreness in tendons, fetlocks and suspensory ligaments in a horse or pony’s legs after work. Relax is a natural aqueous clay with added witch hazel for improved cooling.

Equine Products super six graphic - Equine Products UK celebrates 40 years of supporting horse owners and trainers around the world

The supplements and tonics are all made in the licenced premises and comply with the rules and regulations of governing bodies of equestrian sport. The raw materials used by Equine Products UK Ltd are tested by an official FEI accredited laboratory in Paris prior to being released into the production process.

Sponsored rider Caroline Powell jumping at Vale View - Equine Products UK celebrates 40 years of supporting horse owners and trainers around the worldEquine Products UK also sells a wide range of equine health and first aid products to complement its supplement offering. These include innovative wound healing creams, self-adhesive bandages, shampoos, gauze and wound sprays. The brand has also broadened its stock in recent years to include stable essentials such as hay nets, buckets and hoof picks; those incredibly useful bits and bobs you always need at least one more of on the yard. The Equine Products UK branded collection ensures riders can snap up incredibly affordable rugs as well as jackets, polo shirts and more. The wide variety of different products on offer mean that owners or stable managers are able to place one simple order that covers their horse’s feed supplements, sorts out the need for a few new rugs and tops up supplies of first aid and yard necessities. Take a closer look: https://www.equineproducts-ukltd.com

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