EquiFeast’s Secret Is Out About Support For Olympic Champion

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Laura Bechtolsheimer Hagen By Jon Stroud Watermarked 750x426 - EquiFeast’s Secret Is Out About Support For Olympic Champion

Horses & Dreams Meets Great Britain - Hagen 2012EquiFeast Reveal Equine Olympic Gold & Bronze Medallist, Laura Bechtolsheimer, As A VERY Happy Customer.  With the Olympic dust only just settling and a monumental year for British sport drawing to a close, EquiFeast had one final secret to reveal to their customers.

It has been a very busy and exciting year for the equine supplements team. Firstly with their best selling product “Cool, Calm & Collected” (a horse calmer designed to improve concentration and performance) rivalling the industry’s best and boosting the firm’s turnover by 32%. Secondly by helping the Bechtolsheimer Olympic team maximise their horses’ focus and concentration for the big arena at the Olympics in London, 2012.

Finally revealing their heavily protected secret about Laura B. has highlighted just how effective their revolutionary performance enhancing, totally natural product is, not to mention the pure dedication the EquiFeast team provides each and every customer.

Company Director, Malcolm Green, has been working closely with Laura and her father since the beginning of the year. Malcolm’s main objective was to highlight what made Laura’s horse tick and he certainly hit the nail on the head with Laura’s Gold mount Mistral Hojris (or more commonly known as Alf).

Malcolm Said: “Developing a product that really works has and will always be our main objective. Fortunately, we’ve cracked that one but persuading the industry and new customers to try a completely different approach to calming their horse is a whole other story. To work with the Bechtolsheimers over the past year has been a real honour. Working with the team, we have fine-tuned Cool, Calm & Collected (a free service offered to all EquiFeast customers) to suit each horse and watched them transform before our very eyes. The Olympics were a real test for us and for Alf (who gets distracted easily) and didn’t he do brilliantly! We are delighted with the results and we know Laura is too!”

The determination of the EquiFeast team to understand how to maximise impacts on brain function, has led to a revolution in the use of chelated calcium and a big reduction in the use of magnesium calmers.  Customers (including Laura) have found a solution to a calm and collected horse without sedation or a compromise in performance.

With an Olympic Gold and Bronze medal under her belt, Laura said:  “Alf (Mistral Hojris) has always been a highly sensitive horse to compete. I believe that finding a supplement that keeps him calm without increasing his magnesium levels, has enabled me to have a horse that remains on the ball and sensitive without being so easily distracted or tipped over the edge.”

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