ENDURANCE Riding – something for all the family!

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ELLA POMROY REDWINDS MILKYWAY 436x291 - ENDURANCE Riding  – something for all the family!
ELLA POMROY REDWINDS MILKYWAY 300x224 - ENDURANCE Riding  – something for all the family!
Ella Pomroy and Redwinds Milky Way

At the recent Endurance GB Kings Forest ride which took place near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, three generations of the same family took part either on horse-back or on the ground.  Madison Pomroy did 80kms on Zaferan, Keighley Pomroy did 40km on her Novice horse Hathek, Grandma Jane and sister Ella Pomroy did 32km, and Keighley’s Mum Janine and Grandad crewed everyone!

So how did this family adventure start?  15 year-old Keighley Pomroy explains:

“My name is Keighley Pomroy and I live in Ipswich with my Mum, Dad, and my sister Ella.  I started doing endurance in 2013 with Redwings Milkway (aka Lumpy), a 13hh pony we rescued from Wales.  I started out doing pleasure rides and then some graded (affiliated) rides, accompanied by my Grandma, Jane Girling, who has been doing endurance for a long time.

In 2014 ‘Lumpy’ upgraded to Open and we won the EGB National Junior Championships and in 2015 we upgraded to Advanced and were runners-up in Junior Championships, behind my cousin Maddie Pomroy who was riding Grandma’s home-bred Arab, Zaferan.”

KEIGHLEY POMROY HATHEK 224x300 - ENDURANCE Riding  – something for all the family!
Keighley Pomroy and Hathek
MADISON POMROY ZAFERAN 224x300 - ENDURANCE Riding  – something for all the family!
Madison Pomroy and Zaferan

With both Maddie and Keighley upgraded to Young Riders Milkway was looking forward to retirement as Grandma Jane Girling takes up the story, “As the girls had grown out of Milkyway we wondered what to do with him but Keighley’s 10 year old sister Ella decided she wanted to give endurance a try and has completed four rides.  It is quite difficult for me to juggle everything as I have to ride with Ella, but the girls all enjoy it so it’s worth it!”

Keighley is now competing in Novice with her pure-bred Arab Hathek, and Maddie is continuing her endurance career with Zatheran, but with both Keighley and Maddie preparing for GSCEs in 2017 competing in endurance isn’t an easy task!  Grandma is on hand to help them out but Jane says “Both girls work very hard to keep their horses fit and as well as endurance they both do dance, swim, walk the dogs, and are generally very active.”

So what do the girls think about endurance?  Keighley says what she most enjoys about endurance is being out competing, meeting new people, but also being able to do her endurance together with her family.  Ella says the best bit is her great pony who knows exactly what he’s doing and always gets her Grade 1s!  Maddie just loves being out with the horse and making new friends through endurance.


Report by Heather Giles

Photos courtesy of West End Photography

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