Efeed.co.uk sees sales soar!

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06925_efeed_logoOnline feed company Efeed.co.uk is delighted to report that this year’s October sales were double that of last year’s October sales, confirming that more people are using this easy, quick and convenient online feed store than ever before.

In the last 12 months, Efeed.co.uk has worked hard to keep prices and delivery costs down whilst simultaneously expanding the range to include more horse feed, haylage, bedding and supplements, as well as adding poultry feed, smallholder feed and dog food. Expanding the range in this way has made it easier for those looking to save time and money to do so, by visiting a one stop online feed shop.

“We are really pleased with Efeed.co.uk’s growing sales and hope this is a trend that will continue,” says Sarah Hughes from Efeed.co.uk. “We put a lot of time and energy into improving the site and also growing the product range that we offer in terms of depth and also to cater for different animals. We continue to seek out the best delivery options for our customers and are happy to advise them on ways that they can save money.”

The website also runs special offers on leading brands and provides bulk discounts on all products all year round, making Efeed a viable option for livery and competition yards as well as single or multi horse owners.

“In addition to the convenience, we also save them time as, instead of traipsing to their local feed store once a week, they can order from the comfort of their own home and spend the time they’ve saved with their horse, or go however else they’d like to spend it. The rising cost of fuel also plays a part as, through using Efeed.co.uk, customers can save here too.”

To find out more about Efeed.co.uk, to see the range of products available or to shop online, visit www.efeed.co.uk. You can also call 01869 249442, email feedback@efeed.co.uk, or ‘like’ Efeed on Facebook www.facebook.com/eFeed.

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