Diet lays foundations for healthy foals and youngstock

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TRM Logo1 - Diet lays foundations for healthy foals and youngstock

TRM LogoIt’s well known that the foundations for a horse’s future success can be laid down before it is even born, by supplementing the broodmare to ensure that the correct balance of macro-minerals, trace minerals and amino acids essential for correct development and growth are passed on to her foal. We asked the technical experts at TRM, manufacturer of the unique, specialised supplement Calphormin, to explain more about this vital aspect of successful breeding……

The mineral requirements for the developing foal include not just calcium and phosphorous in the correct ratio, but also the trace minerals copper, zinc and manganese. Deficiencies have been linked to incidences of Epiphysitis (inflammation of the long bone growth plates) and Developmental Orthopaedic Diseases (DOD). A bio-available source of sulphur, MSM, is included in the formulation of Calpormin to support the synthesis of connective tissue.

Protein is also vital for growth and as protein consists of amino acids, breeders must ensure the foal receives adequate amounts of all essential amino acids. Amongst these, Lysine is deemed to be the first limiting amino acid and a deficiency in the young horse’s diet will ultimately lead to decreased growth and development.

Calphormin is also unique in that it contains a balanced combination of macro-minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and the added benefit of Sodium Zeolite, a bioavailable Silicon-containing compound.

Researchers have found that the mineral silicon can enhance bone calcification and is also associated with the formation of collagen, the fibrous protein matrix that provides support for body structures such as cartilage and bone. By laying down a strong bone framework, foals and young horses are able to withstand the pressures of growth spurts without undue stress on their young, underdeveloped bones. This support will reduce the likelihood of boney enlargement that young horses are prone to during these critical development stages.

So during the last trimester of pregnancy and lactation, then as the foal matures through weanling and yearling stage, feeding the young, rapidly growing horse Calphormin from TRM will optimise growth and bone development in a correct and balanced way and give the young horse the best start it can get.

To find out more, contact TRM’s UK Distributor Farm & Stable Supplies on Freephone 01730 815800 or to buy online in the UK, visit


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