Demonstrations and Learning with the East Anglian Savvy Team

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Parelli Cath Langley 750x426 - Demonstrations and Learning with the  East Anglian Savvy Team

Parelli - Cath LangleyJOIN in the fun and games this summer with the East Anglian Savvy Team as they host a series of Parelli Natural Horsemanship Demonstrations.

The team will be out in force holding demonstrations at a number of events including Essex Show, Suffolk Show and the Royal Norfolk Show. There will also be a chance to get involved at Riddlesworth Livery Yard as the team hold demonstrations and a Parelli Camp.

The demonstrations will introduce the Seven Games on-line and in the saddle, showing the magic of Parelli live.

Highlighting how an understanding of horse behaviour can help riders to play with their horses, the team will be offering tips and advice to develop a better relationship with your horse and showing how this can lead to playing at liberty and riding bridleless with the most amazing levels of subtle communication.

The demonstrations will be inspirational and fun but also show how this level of horsemanship is achievable to all horse owners across all disciplines.

Go along and learn about what it takes to communicate with your horse at their level so they trust you as their leader and want to stay connected and in harmony with you whether you’ve got a lead rope or not and whether you’re on the ground or in the saddle.

Equine Education Summer Series Dates:
•    18th May – Essex Show – Demos by Jody Ruysen, Kim Rayner and Claire Burgess.

•    28th & 29th May – Suffolk Show – Demos by Jody Ruysen, Cath Langley, Jen Woods, Anthony Greenleaves and assisted by Kim Rayner.

•    8th June – Riddlesworth Livery Yard, Norfolk  – An Intro to Parelli Natural Horsemanship with Spotlights from your local Instructors with Cath Langley and Anthony Greenleaves .12 noon to 1.30pm.

•    25th & 26th June – Royal Norfolk Show – Demos by Lyla Cansfield, Jody Ruysen, Cath Langley, Jen Woods and Anthony Greenleaves.

•    19th & 20th July – Parelli Camp at Riddlesworth Livery Yard – Fun Games and Competitions including student Spotlights, with Cath Langley, Jen Woods and Anthony Greenleaves. Starting at 10am each day; Saturday – training day, Sunday – competitions in On-Line, Freestyle and Liberty, with Spotlights from 2pm. All proceeds from this event will go to charity.
For more information visit www.parelli .com or contact Parelli UK on 0800 0234 813.

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