Chestnut stallion abandoned in Gainsborough Play Park

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Mr Nibbles 750x426 - Chestnut stallion abandoned in Gainsborough Play Park

Mr NibblesNew resident ‘Mr Nibbles’ is now in safe hands at our Lincolnshire site after being abandoned in a Gainsborough children’s play park.

Gainsborough Council contacted Bransby Horses last week after the chestnut stallion was found tethered to a roundabout with no access to water on an extremely on hot day. Lack of water can lead to dehydration and in some instances, colic and so is absolutely vital to a horse’s health. A pony like Mr Nibbles needs up to 3 gallons of water a day to remain healthy and although we believe members of the public may have been kindly giving him water at intervals, there is no way to judge how much he had consumed.

In cases of abandonment, it is required that an abandonment notice be served for 14 days in order to allow the owner the opportunity to remove their equine and transport them to safe environment. Unfortunately in this instance, Mr Nibbles’ was unable to remain in the park. The surroundings were dangerous for both him and for members of the public as this pony does bite and rears at times. A notice was served advising that the Shetland would be removed by the end of the day and requested the owner make contact to arrange a resolution to the issue.

Sadly, no owner came forward to claim responsibility for him and so Mr Nibbles is currently in our care. An abandonment notice has been served and we await any person with information to come forward so that we may trace this pony’s family.

Mr Nibbles has a very cheeky and inquisitive nature and although can nip, he is not aggressive.   If you have any information, please do get in touch on 01427 787369.

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