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Chance to get up close and watch horse training techniques in special ‘rehabilitation day’

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Caitlin and James image 750x426 - Chance to get up close and watch horse training techniques in special ‘rehabilitation day’

Caitlin and James image 300x167 - Chance to get up close and watch horse training techniques in special ‘rehabilitation day’People who love horses are being invited to discover how a leading animal welfare charity rehabilitates horses, ponies and donkeys during a very special day of presentations to be held at HorseWorld Visitor Centre later this month.

‘Rehabilitation day’ will take place on Saturday 21st April and is a new and exciting one-off addition to the HorseWorld charity events calendar. The event is free to the thousands of people who have taken advantage of the Whitchurch-based charity’s great-value membership scheme. But those paying a day admission will also be able to see all demonstrations, which will run from 10.30 am to 3pm.

Experienced HorseWorld staff Sarah Hollister, Training and Rehoming Manager at HorseWorld’s welfare yard, and Visitor Centre yard managers Karen Hardwick and Vicky Greenslade have got together to organise a whole day of informative and engaging presentations which will take place at the round pen at HorseWorld Visitor Centre. The focus will be on the charity’s vital rehabilitation work. The day is sure to appeal to those with horse experience but those without will still find plenty to interest them as all visitors will be able to see firsthand the skilful work carried out by the horse charity.

The special extended run of demonstrations will flow right through the day and will be suitable for all ages. For people who are enthusiastic about horses, this will be a great opportunity to observe and learn from people who work with nervous, rescued horses day in and day out.

The techniques of pressure and release will be demonstrated, as well as long reining and ground work. These are all methods that work to desensitise a horse or pony which in turn helps them to become a safer animal to be around and also helps to build up trust between handler and animal. Work is based on the practices of Kelly Marks’ Intelligent Horsemanship approach and Monty Roberts Join up® technique using body language to ‘talk’ to the horse in a way that it can understand and respond to.

There will be six fascinating presentations taking place on this very special day at 10.30am, 11.15am, 12 midday, 1pm, 1.45pm, and 2.30pm. Each will last approximately 30 minutes.

Key areas that will be covered in one demonstration are: the condition a horse may arrive in, diet, past treatment, the basics of body language and eye contact, and the importance of groundwork. This session will run in the morning and in the afternoon, but using different rescued horses each time which will naturally influence the presentation and bring something new to see and discuss.

Another of the talks will cover the desensitisation of horses including the ideal equipment to use; and introduction of tack; this will run in the a.m. and p.m. using a variety of HorseWorld’s remarkable horses and ponies, all with their own unique and ultimately jubilant stories.

Demonstrating how we work towards putting a rider on for the first time will form another fascinating presentation; this will be very useful to see. This demonstration will showcase horses that are looking for new homes as riding ponies, and will also be repeated later in the day with different animals to allow full illustration.

The day is sure to be a full, fun, and educational day out with more demonstrations than ever before, offering a unique and invaluable insight into the rehabilitation work that is so central to the charity.

asset 728 90 - Chance to get up close and watch horse training techniques in special ‘rehabilitation day’
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