Catch up on all the latest results

So many great results have been coming through recently but we did not have room to include them all in the magazine – so hopefully you will find them below.  

RAF Cranwell Results

CLASS No 1 1st Sasha Pollock, Sirah; 2nd Evie Llewellyn Smith, Indian River; 3rd Steph Hodgson, Mr Big Shot. CLASS No 2A 1st Natasha Smith, Molly;2nd Becky Filtness, Dovedon Diva3rd Alex St. Aubyn, Taffechan Rough Diamond.CLASS No 2B 1st Caroline Lewis, Emerald Isle; 2nd Rebecca Crosbie-Starling, Regal Prince; 3rd Elizabeth Horne, French DiplomatZeinab Salem, Babar.CLASS No  3 1st Amy Jones, Henry; 2nd Holly Vallance, Gralaska; 3rd Nichola Chappell, Moriarty CLASS No  4   1st Nichola Chappell, Missy; 2nd Emma Paynter, Paynter By Numbers 3rd Danni Martt, Za.

 Side Saddle Association Area 12 Summer Show  May 2013

Style & Appearance: 1st Sophie Websterm Lucek;   2nd Ayisha Longdon, Fernrose Silver Rebel. Novice Side Saddle:  1st Bruce Langley McKim, Cos Me is Black; 2nd Sally McKenna, Pina Paloma; 3rd Mary Inman, Estud Coconut Creek. Restricted Novice Side Saddle: 1st  Rachael Barker, Sleet; 2nd  Bruck Langley McKim, Cos Me is Black; 3rd Mary Inman, Estud Coconut Creek ; 4th Sally McKenna, Pina Paloma. Intermediate Equitation:  1st Karen Milbourne, Out and About; 2nd Barbara Wale, Cos Me is Black, 3rd Rachel Barker, Sleet. Concours D-Elegance:  1st Layren Allin, Haribo Z; 2nd Sophie Websterm Lucek; 3rd Rebecca Mawer, Park Potion; 4th Karen Milbourne, Out and About; 5th Louise Graham, Corrileas Imp; 6th Emma Brown, Chutney. Junior Equitation:  1st Ayisha Longdon, Fernrose Silver Rebel. Open Equitation:  1st Lauren Allin, Haribo Z (Sir Lancelot) ; 2nd Rebecca Mawer, Park Potion; 3rd Helen Lound, Montgomery Parker; 4th Karen Milbourne, Out and About; 5th Emma Brown, French Connection.; 6th Sophie Webster, Lucek. Classical Ladies:  1st Louise Graham, Cornileas Imp; 2nd Karen Milbourne, Out and About; 3rd Barbara Wale, Cos Me is Black; 4th Kirsty Heathcote, Galloglass. Jump and Style:  1st  Sophie Webster Lucek; 2nd Helen Lound, Montgomery Parker;  3rd Rachael Barker, Sleet; 4th Kirsty Heathcote, Galloglass; 5th Ayisha Longdon,. Fernrose Silver Rebel. Costume Concours D’Elegance:  1st Kirsty Heathcote, Galloglass; 2nd Sophie Webster, Lucek; 3rd Karen Milbourne, Out and About.  Champagne Challenge:  1st Kirsty Heathcote, 2nd Ayisha Longdon.  Champion: Lauren Allin,  Reserve:  Karen Milbourne

 Patrington – Show Jumping

1st Timers Jumping: 1st Lana Kay, Pop; 2nd Ellie Evison, Kookie; 3rd Archie Gooderham , Izzy Whizzy. Pre Novice Pony: 1st Annabelle Attoway, Murphy; 2nd Robyn Bell , Meg ; 3rd Lana Kay, Pop. Novice Pony: 1st Annabelle Alloway, Murphy ; 2ndZoe Clinton, Milly ; 3rd Robyn Bell, Meg Open Pony: 1st Zoe Clinton, Milly;  2nd Annabelle Alloway , Murphy;  3rd Ellie Evison, Kookie LR Working Hunter: 1st Poppy Brown, Danny Novice Working Hunter Pony: 1st Holly Donaldson, Rory;  2ndGeorgia Oliver, Penserri Llwelyn;  3rd Maisie Baker, Windy. Open Working Hunter Pony: 1st Georgia Oliver, Laithhill Riverdance ;  2nd Holly Donaldson, Rory;  3rd Jodie Crossley , Beau. Novice Working Hunter: 1st Abi Wood, Appached Double Take; 2nd Rachel Clarkson, Gisa; 3rd Claire Sadler, Our Joan. Open Working Hunter: 1st Holly Dyson, Double Trouble; 2nd Claire Sadler, Our Joan;  3rd Katie Slocombe, Tangle Twister. Beginners Showing Ring, Bonny Pony: 1st Lucy Mae Hutchinson, Pumpkin;  2ndMillie Wisher,  Muffett;  3rd Mia Brown, Danny. My best Friend: 1st Millie Wisper, Muffett   2ndLucy Mae Hutchinson, Pumpkin; 3rd Stacey Galloway, Sonny. Have A Go Showing Under 16yrs: 1st Dominic Tierney, Barvae Pipkin; 2ndLucy Mae Hutchinson, Pumpkin; 3rd Saffron Keil, Tanya. Have a go showing over 16yrs: 1st Beth Spinks, Missy; 2nd Catherine Foster, Ben Buttlin;  3rd Rosie Spruce , Phoebe. 1st Timers Showing: 1st Catherine Foster, Ben Buttlin; 2nd Luke Wilson, Molly; 3rd Amy Peart, Magic. Handsome Horse: 1st Catherine Foster, Ben Butlin; 2nd Tyer, Marley; 3rd Sally Smithson, Flo. Best Mannered Horse/Pony: 1st Amy Peart, Magic; 2nd Sally Smithson, Flo; 3rd Reece Galloway, Flyby. Ring 1, Ridden, Turnout: 1st Alisha Edwards, Daisy; 2nd Reece Galloway, Flyby; 3rd Sally Smithson , Flo. Lead rein Pony: 1st Poppy Brown, Thomas;  2ndAlisha Edwards, Daisy;  3rd Gracie Gooderham, Ruby.1st Ridden: 1st Sophie Annall, Rushfield Monarch;  2nd Dominic Tierney, Barvae Pipkin;  3rd Archie Gooderham ,Izzy Whizzy. Ridden Pony: 1st Georgia Oliver, Laithehill Riverdance; 2nd Elenor Gawthorpe , Braeglen Moonlight;  3rd Sophie Annall, Rushfield Monarch. M&M Small: 1st Sophie Annall , Rushfield Monarch; 2nd Georgia Oliver, Laithehill Riverdance ; 3rd Maisie Baker, Windy. M&M Large: 1st Amy Dixon, Passfords Native Dancer ; 2nd Alisha Edwards, Daisy; 3rd Stephanie Bean, Diamond Grey.  Coloured: 1st Kerry Carroll, Hoodie;  2nd Abi Wood, Apache Double Tack;  3rd Hollie Scott, Harvey. Ridden Horse: 1st Karen, Kingsley Sand Piper;  2nd Stacey Lalic, Monty; 3rd Katie Slocombe, Tangle Twister Pleasure Pony: 1st Georgia Oliver, Penserri Llweyn;  2nd Jodie Crossley, Beau ; 3rd Sally Smithson , Ross. Pleasure Horse: 1st Stacey Lalic, Monty; 2nd Sue Fellows, George in Spring ; 3rd Alana Snow , Star Retrained Racehorse: 1st Claire Sadler, Our Joan; 2nd Amy Dawson, Bo; 3rd Rosie Spruce , Phoebe. Part Bred: 1st Eleanor Gawthorpe , Braeglen Moonlight; 2nd Karen Williams, Kingslee Sandpiper ; 3rd Poppy Brown , Thomas. Ring 2, Inhand,Turnout: 1st Beth Spinks, Missy; 2nd Bryony Gilespie, Maximus; 3rd Courtney Dowey, Prince. Mare, Foal: 1st Gwen Moorw, Bonny, Hilston Poppy. Youngstock: 1st Ashley Dunn, Lucy   ; 2ndRachel Law, Holmside Lucky Phoebe; 3rd Eleanor, Flicka. Best Mannered: 1st Max Poole, Bonny Blue Bell. Veteran: 1st Nicola Smith, Marley; 2nd Stacey Lalic, Monty; 3rd Gwenda Moore, Bonny. Part Bred: 1st Claire Marriott, Aquarius Last Masterpiece; 2nd Abi Wood, Britains Takabor; 3rd Rachel Law, Phoebe. Pure Bred: 1st Bryony, Max M&M Small: 1st Courtney Dowey, Prince;  2nd Phoebe Hair , Bobby Dazzler;  3rd J Page, Marmalade M&M Large: 1st Becka Burnham, Belso; 2nd Sam Edwards, Daisy Dancer ; 3rd  Max Poole, Bluebell.  Show Hunter: 1st Janni Taylor, Ross; 2nd Emmie Haymes, Rolo; 3rd Stacy Lalic, Monty. 1st Inhand season: 1st Rachel Law, Lucky Phoebe;  2nd Dominic Tierney , Barvae Pipkin; 3rd Abi Wood, Britains Tiakor Tiggor. Cob: 1st Nicola Smith, Marley; 2nd Kerry Carroll, Hoodie; 3rd Vicki Tate, Marlie. Child Handler: 1st Courtney Dowey, Prince; 2nd Dominic Tierney, Barvae Pipkin; 3rd Alisha Edwards. Coloured: 1st Trevor, Maxi; 2nd Rachael law, Lucky Phoebe;  3rd Beth Spinks , Missy. Most Promising New Combination: 1st Courtney Dowey, Prince; 2nd Ashleigh Dunn, Lucy; 3rd Holly Dyson, Double Trouble. Bays, Greys, Chestnuts, Blacks: 1st Frankie Brown, Viking ;  2nd Courtney Dowey, Prince; 3rd Emmie Haymes, Rolo.



1st  J E Croft, Stockham Secret Envoy, Jessica Legge; 2nd L Hingley, Ollerset Solar, W Hingley;  3rd,  Andrea Hodgson, Iddleside Brandy, Hayden Hodgson.  

THE NPS M&M FIRST RIDDEN WORKING HUNTER PONY: 1st  Jean McTaggart, Anri Class Act, Jodie Craig; 2nd Julia Wilson-Barnes, Daukester Panache, Remy Wilson-Barnes; 3rd   C Weightman, Withymead Amontilado, Alice Weightman. PS/PRP/EQUESTRIAN RESCUE M&M WHP: 1st Red Mrs D Barr, Waitwith West Wind, Gemma Pallett; 2nd  Polly Eddis, Kyregate Peter Pan, Susie Eddis;   3rd    Valerie Cox, Greendown Ozzy, Sinead Cox. Exc 122 not exc 133cms : 1st Polly Eddis, Valentine Hazel, Susie Eddis; 2nd Mrs A Sylvester, Brookhall Galaxy, Leila Paske; 3rd  Julia Wilson-Barnes, Daukester Panache, Remy Wilson-Barnes. Exc133 not exc 143cms : 1st  S M Weir, Ruby Slippers , A Weir; 2nd  Miss Sophie Brown, Springfieldpark Razzle, Sophie Brown;  3rd   Tori Oakes, Cairn’s Fergus, Tori Oakes. Exc 143cms : 1st Ch  Zoe Love, Acton Humbug, Zoe Love; 2nd Michaela Collins, Penclose Dapper, Michaela Collins; 3rd  Deirdrie Hunt, Chilham Temple Bar, Joanne Masterson. WORKING HUNTER CLASSES,  Horse of the year Show Cuddy Working Hunter: 1st Ch  Louise Bell, Into The blue, Louise Bell; 2nd, June Snedker, Keep Talking, Derek Moreton;3rd  M Cooper, Paper Moon, M Cooper. Restricted Open Working Hunter: 1st, Sophie Plater, Shersheen Courage, Sophie Plater;  

2nd    Libby Cooke, Drovers Road, Libby Cooke;  3rd  Louise Bell, High Offley JR, Louise Bell.  Novice Working Hunter : 1st Res  Mr R Sumner, James Henry, Libby Cooke;  2nd    Mrs P Cooper, Clover Hills Diamond Lad, M Cooper; 3rd High Offley JR, Louise Bell,. BSHA OPEN WORKING SHOW HORSE: 1st Mark Wilkinson, Kingscall; 2nd    Emma Wilde, John Doe, Emma Wilde; 3rd, Jamie Jackson, Templebready Alainn. RIDDEN HUNTERS, Novice Hunter: 1st Leesha Leeman, Kellythorpe Don Diamonte, Simon Charlesworth. 2nd  Miss Camilla Stowell-Davies, The Kings Speech, Camilla Davies. 3rd Mrs Anne Varley, Kec Artix Max, Anne Varley.  HOYS Topspec Lightweight Show Hunter: 1st Res, Mr & Mrs J M Jerram, About Town, Katie Jerram; 2nd V R Smart, Rogers Revenge, Jan Darwin;  3rd Louise Bell, Into The Blue, Louise Bell. Middleweight: 1st Ch Dawn Weston, Oathill Take The Biscuit, Danielle Heath;  2nd  Justine Armstrong-Small, Andoro;  3rd    Chloe Ribbon, Vantage Point. Heavyweight: 1st Robert Walker, Benjamin Button,; 2nd    Danielle Heath, Avalanche, Kevin O’Connell;  3rd  C Ford, Punchestontown II, C Ford. Small: 1st Jill Day, Party Time V, Robert Walker; 2nd  Samantha Coates, A Lanson, Samantha Coates; 3rd  Iona Kobbe, Jemoon Star Catcher, Iona Kobbe.  (Horse of the Year Show) Ladies Hunter: 1st    A Tate, Shanbo River King, Lesley Whitehall;  2nd  Jenna Tyldesley, Tudor Minstral;   3rd Kelsa Sears, Tristan W. THE BLUE CHIP FLAT RIDDEN SPORT HORSE:   1st Mrs Anne Varley, Kec Artix Max, Anne Varley;  2nd    K & L M Wright, Mill House Adimo Pectore, Kirstie Wright; 3rd,   Miss A Hallam, Foxcourt Careless Whisper, Annick Hallam. SIDE SADDLE ASSOCIATION Side Saddle Concours D’Elegance: 1st Louise Graham, Corrileas Imp; 2nd Barbara Wale, Park Lane; 3rd  Hannah Pickering, Toners Morpheus. The SSA Equitation Championships Open: 1st Rebecca Mawer, Park Potion; 2nd,    Barbara Wale, Park Lane; 3rd Mrs Siobhan Hickman, Queen of the Night, Holly Hickman. Best Horse or Pony Ridden Side Saddle: 1st Louise Graham, Corrileas Imp; 2nd, Rebecca Mawer, Park Potion; 3rd Queen of the Night, Holly Hickman. Ridden Pure Bred Irish Draught: 1st Heatherdale Saraid, Kay Ainsworth;  2nd  Paulette Cooper, Crosstown Clover King, Angela Taylor.  Ridden Irish Draught Sport Horse: 1st Punchestown II, C Ford. Open Ridden Cob/Maxi Cob: 1st, Ch Heatherdale Saraid, Kay Ainsworth;  2nd Skylark, K Riddle; 3rd  Mrs Siobhan Hickman, Queen of the Night, Holly Hickman. VETERAN HORSE SHOWING LTD HOME PRODUCED OLYMPIA AREA QUALIFIER RIDDEN.  Ridden Pre-Veteran: 1st Mrs A Y Baybutt, Carracastle Barney, Jessica Baybutt;  2nd Tewelfan Red Robin, Katie Goulding; 3rd Inglegarth Reveller, Ellen Cutler. Ridden Veteran: 1st Ch, Irie Reggae Sunsplash, Katie Goulding; 2nd Res, Oughtrington Starlight, Katie Duxbury;  3rd Sarah Comer, Dickens II, Helena Freer.  BSHA HACK COB & RIDING HORSE Amateur Owner/Rider Hack: 1st Daldorn Legacy, Miss H Carter; 2nd Mrs B Bramall, Ophelia, Laura Bramall; 3rd, Mrs W Lloyd & Mrs S J Crane, Marshbrook Spring Bouquet, Lisa Crane. Riding Horse 1st Landmark Maisie, Amy Bosworth, 2nd Quocosidor, Miss S Carter. Cob/Maxi Cob: 1st Mortons Maclaren, Kay Gillam, 2nd Goodwill, Lucinda Tann, 3rd Carbon Copy III, Donna Collinson, Novice Hack: 1st Donner Tan, Louise Stanton; 2nd Opium Casa Sienna, James Knight, 3rd Ducal Miss Daisy, Lauren Matkin, Novice Ridden Cob/Maxi Cob: 1st Res, Captain Morgan, Kirstine Douglas; 2nd Heatherdale Saraid, Kay Ainsworth; 3rd The Irish Artist, Mrs T A Harris. Novice Riding Horse: 1st,Ch, Ms Jill Marsden c/o V Smith, Carrhouse Boston Legal, Simon Charlesworth, 2nd  Mrs S Harworth, Carrhouse Beyond Suspicion, Miss K Rhodes, 3rd  Mrs C Fagan, Lambworth Wordsworth, Ali Fagan. (RIHS) Maxi Cob :1st  Mortons Maclaren, Kay Gillam; 2nd  Whiterock Grey Mist, Dawn Hodgson; 3rd Oreo, Carol Sweeting.  (RIHS) Lighweight Cob : 1st Ch, Mrs Julie Thomsett/Mrs Monica Knight, P.J Tip, Julie Thomsett; 2nd, Res, Goodwill, Lucinda Tann; 3rd Mrs Angela Rawling, Maybe V, Debbie Rutherford. (RIHS) Heavyweight Cob :1st Cornhill, Mrs T A Harris, (RIHS) Small Hack :1st, Ch, John Dodson, Comberton Carbon Copy, Charles Le Moignan; 2nd, Res, 3rd K Londes Borough, Barncroft Prince of Darkness, Robert Walker; 3rd, Daldorn Legacy, Miss H Carter. (RIHS) Large Hack : 1st   Edward Young, Free and Easy, Edward Young; 2nd  Mrs B Bramall, Ophelia, Laura Bramall; 3rd  Rosie Try, Holden Movie Star, Rosie Try. (RIHS) Small Riding Horse: 1st Carnsdale Pallas Firefly, Edward Young; 2nd Quocosidor, Miss S Carter; 3rd Mrs J Hailes, Brox on Stage, P Langrick. (RIHS) Large Riding Horse: 1st  Ch, Peter Bowlder, Unlimited, Charles Le Moignan; 2nd  Res, Mrs L Fitzgerald, Holltess D-Day, Kirstine Douglas; 3rd Runnon Rio Grande, Rebecca Johnson-Townley. CHAPS (UK) RIDDEN COLOURED HORSE & PONY, (Horse of the Year Show) Ridden Native/ Cob/ Traditional Horse: 1st Kenns Carousel, P R Cook; 2nd Mr Tyler Bequick, Nicola Gibson; 3rd Tomahawk III, Kim McNeil.  HOYS Ridden Native /Cob/ Traditional Pony: 1st, Res  Martin Pickford, Stardust II, Michelle Pickford;  2nd  M Davies & K Talbot, Eye Spy, M Davies; 3rd Sue Hanson, Longdon Black Jack, Emily Hanson,. HOYS Ridden Non-Native Horse: 1st Waibalou, Vicky Smith; 2nd Robert Walker, Stoneyraikes Ring Master, Sarah Walker; 3rd Greenhall Bob A Job, N Timson.  HOYS Ridden Non-Native Pony: 1st  Ch, Shelley Wheeler, Winchester D, Sara Parrott; 2nd Edward Young, Dowhills Snow Patrol, Collette McGoldrick; 3rd  Caroline Hamilton, Up to D, Beth Driver. Ridden Novice Horse: 1st Greenhall Bob A Job, N Timson; 2nd Miss A Hyde, Rupert VII, Mrs P Roberts; 3rd Miss Shelley Wheeler, Updown Chusan, Sara Parrott.  Ridden Novice Pony: 1st Tambrook My Destiny, Lucinda Farmbrough;  2nd Carol Tyrie, Queen of Hearts, Chauntell Holmes; 3rd, Annie Robinson, Rosegate Delfin, Francesca Lee.   RIDDEN ARABS Ridden Anglo & Part Bred: 1st  Ch  Maria Hancox, Fielden Rumba, Sammi Hancox; 2nd  J Glover, Chiddock Time Lord, Lucy Glover. Ridden Anglo & Part Bred: 1st Res,  Tout A L’Heure, Sarah Lindsey; 2nd Royden Sweet William, G Michaelides; 3rd Brindlebrooks Pharaoh, Natasha Timson. Pure Bred Arab: 1st Amarok, Kathryn Oldroyd; 2nd J Embleton, EAS Elvi, Alison Embleton. TATTERSALLS & RoR THOROUGHBRED SHOW SERIES,  Ridden Show Horse :1st Sister Gee, Jill Wormall; 2nd    Four Eights Partnership, Desert Pearl, Melissa Richardson;3rd    Mrs A Hodkin, Dual Master, Mrs A Hodkin. TARRA IN HAND SERIES ANGLO & PART BRED ARABS IN HAND:1st Ch  Leesha Leeman, Bankswood Airs & Graces, Mr S Pit; 2nd Miss D Cox, Wycroft Wedgewood, Liz Cross; 3rd,M K Pickles, Crabfield Rufus. Barren or Brood Mare: 1st Res  Brideswood Stud, Cusop Just A Gem, Mr S Bride; 2nd Mrs J Grant & Mr W Hardy, Thimbleby Angelique, Mrs J Grant; 3rd C Lee, Sunray Summertime, M Greaves.  

 Midland Counties Show Results Sunday:

Novice Intermediate WH:  1st Mrs S. Nicklin, The Fusilier, Georgina Love; 2nd Caroline Orr, Laura’s Pride, Holly Miller; 3rd Jamie Jackson, Templebready Alainn.  Novice:  1st  Ch. Victoria Leavesley, Dumnloughan; 2nd Mrs. S. Nicklin, Hiccup, Georgia Love; 3rd I.Hingley, Noble Topman, W. Hingley. Novice   1st Res. Mrs K. Allen, Millpond Look So Cheeky, Glen Allen; 2nd Emma Conway, Noble Sir Prize, Lydia Conway; 3rd Jayne Blacksaw, Spring Serenade II, Georgina Blackshaw .  Novice:  1st Jean MsTaggart, Anri Class Act, Jodie Caig; 2nd J.Armson, Fair Rose Fantasy Phlip Armson; 3rd Mrs.H.Luker, Aquilas Mood Dancer, Matty Luker. Cradle Stakes;  1st Ch. Lorraine Horner, Trnymor Ywm Sion Catti, Alice Horner; 2nd Miss Alicia Bray, Weggs Little Shellay, Alice Bray. Nursery Stakes: 1st Claire Bailey, Pebbly Fairy Tale, Harriet Bailey; 2nd Mrs. S.M. Weir, Nobel Super Ted, Zara Weir; 3rd Mrs. C. Sheret, All About Jazz, Laura Atkin. Working Hunter Pony: 1st Helen Luke, Aquilas Moon Dance, Matty Luker; 2nd Claire White, Seaford Top Cat, Isabel White; 3rd Annabel Prince, Noble Toreen Lass, Katy Prince. WHP:   1st Ch. Sue Nicklin, Glengoole Boy, Lucy Robinson; 2nd Nicola Horlsey- Gibbons, Dinesse Zuidvoer Manshoek, Georgina Horsley-Gibbons; 3rd Emma Conway, Noble Sir Prize, Lydia Conway.  WHP:  1st Res. S.M.Weir, Freckleton Maximus, Phillipa Weir; 2nd Alice Barnes, Carnsdale Beltane Poppy; 3rd Victoria Leavesley, Cashelbay JJ. Intermediate WH:  1st Emmie Collierm Ballymotey Lady Zee Zee; 2nd Joanne Shaw, Carnsdale Top Gun, Jennifer Keepe; 3rd Jasean Spraggett, Gigolo. Novice Show Pony:  1st  M.W.Jones, Rotherwood Peeping Star, Cerys Wyn Jones; 2nd Miss M. Booth, Winter Didier; 3rd Emma Lister, Carrhouse Alfie Moon, Charlotte Lister. Childrens Riding pony:  1st Ch. Ms. Sarah Emmerson, Sandbank Earlybird, Freya Cade; 2nd JD Harvey, Broadgove Spring Holiday, Ellia Taverner-Burns; 3rd Caz Brennand, Sandboro Love Child, Eva Brennand.Childrens Riding Pony:  1st JA Grierson, Bengarin Princess Royal, Danielle Stockdale; 2nd Karen Gillott, Moorgate High Hopes, Jess Renshaw-Smith; 3rd Shirley Dennison, Whitakers Princess Royal, Harriet Dennison. Intermediate Show Hunter:  1st Ch Miss Cassie Hartley, Acheval Boutique Amadeus; 2nd Katie Heginbotham, Carnsdale Talk Talk; 3rd John Cookson, Louvaine Rooney, Megan Cookson. Intermediate Show Riding Type: 1st Sarah Emmerson, Gravefull Monbarch, Tarymn Rudd; 2nd Pearl Underwood, Fleetwater Xecutive, Georgina Butterworth; 3rd JD Harvey, Tremari Mr Mole, R.Cooper.   . Intermediate Show Riding Type:  1st Res. Martin Wood, Royal Angel, Michaela Wood; 2nd Amy Bosworth, Landmark Maisie; 3rd JD Harvem Foxy Formula, Matthew Cooper. Show Hunter Pony:  1st Lorriane Horner, Hightopps Jazz, Alice Horner; 2nd  JD Harvey, Gryngallt  Primrose, Ellis Taverner Burns; 3rd Caron Scudamore, Rowfantina, Zara Scudamore. Show Hunter Pony:  1st Ch. JD Harvey, Parkhills Ronaldo, Gemma Pallett; 2nd  Shirkey Dafydd, Harriet Dennison; 3rd Sarah Emmerson, Millwood Kaiser Chief, Charlotte Hare.  Show hunter Pony:  1st Shirley Dennison, Valentine Dignity; Harriet Dennsion; 2nd Mari Wyn Jones, Greylands Stardust, Lois Wyn Jones; 3rd Julie Templeton Show Team, Rhosyr Elizabeth, Ellie Flavell. Show Hunter Pony:  1st Res. Shelley Hollins, The Ultimate Legacy, Lucinda Elliott; 2nd   Mrs Andrea Baybutt & Mrs PA Underwood, Tom Thumb II,  Jessica Baybutt; 3rd Jeremy Glover, Redcap Zilla, Lucy Glover.  Ridden Welsh:  1st Ch. Stephen Woodlands, Brynmeillion Del Boy; 2nd Miss Laura Rowe, Sydenam King George. Laura Rowe; 3rd Emilie Bagnall,  Pentrepiod The Judge. Ridden Highland:  1st David Bright, Muss-Side McClaren, Bobby Bright; 2nd Frazer Atherden, Macaulaydene, Frazer Atherden; 3rd L.Stevens, Macdougaldene, Jonathan Stevens. Ridden Dartmoor Exmoor & Shetland:  1st Catherine Hudson, Treworgan Sandpiper; 2nd Paul Starkie, Pumphill Bennet, Sarah Field; 3rd JC Tomlinson & Alice,  Birchmoor Admiral, Alice Tomlinson.  Ridden Fells & Dales:  1st  Res WR Ireland, Kilmannan Robert The Bruce, Richard Telford; 2nd Mrs Julie James, Gree4nholme Stacey, Miss Georgie James; 3rd S. Few, Castle Hill Magic.  Ridden New Forest & Connemara:  1st V. Clark, Chilham Celestial; 2nd Kate Wilson, Kirtle Onyx; 3rd Jo Rose, Chilham Night Hawk. Ridden Welsh:  1st KE Scittm, Cadlanvalley Sandpiper, Katie Marriott Payne; 2nd Katie Goulding, Gunthwaite Harbour Mist; 3rd Katie Brown, Llanarth Royal Grey.  Ridden Welsh:  1st Julie Barton, Crumpwell Hanley, Rebecca Penny; 2nd J.Barton, Delmai Red Dragon, Sophia Vaughan; 3rd SJ Darlington, Blissland Echo.  Ridden Fell Highland & Dales:  1st Ellen Cutler Inglegarth Reveller; 2nd S.Woolerton, Clandon Bertie; 3rd Diane Lorien, Ffigysbren, Jessica Hazel.Exmoor & Shetland:  1st Res C.Preece, Buckberry Emile  XCharlie Oakes; 2nd CM Phillips, Eddra Chillies, Hnna Rogers; 3rdJ.Pirie, Deagol. Welsh  A&B:  1st C. Hudson, Gartconnel Shooting Star Alice Wright; 2nd  C.Preece, Crimmond Bonheddwr, Charlie Oakes. New Forest & Connemara:  1st her Cartwright, Ballybrit Grey Diamond,; 2nd Julie Moxon, Furzley Magician 3rd Julie Moxon, Sabrinas Gold Bugget, Emily Andruszko. Welsh C&D:  1st C. Evans, Yswain Ameranthus, Claire Evans; 2nd Jim Smith, Chesmere Crusader, Terry Clynes; 3rd Hannah Horton, Coverdale Ap Dyfodol.  YoungRiders M&M:  1st Paul Starkie, Cragieholm Aiden Morgan Strakie;  2nd  Kirstyn Williams, Laithhill Tango, Ellie Williams. Large Breeds: 1st Res Anna Stacey, Mowcastle Mickey; 2nd Kirstyn Williams, Restar Mountain Benjamin, Addie Williams. Immediate:  1st Sharron Kivlochan, Braemar Be Lucky; Ellie Kivlochan; 2nd Sarah Few, Castle Hill Magic; 3rd Zoe Howard, Castle Hill Glen. Anglo & Part Bred Arabs: 1st Ch. E.Meer, Kenilwood Sirocco, Shannon Meer; 2nd Phoebe Rocks, Aston Playtime ; 3rd L.Mitchell,  Caithness Royal Ruby.  Anglo & Part Bred:   1st  Res. M.Booth, Whalton High Fkyer, Amy Mitten; 2nd S.J. Crane, Marshbrook Spring Bouquet, Lisa Crane; 3rd Samantha Cotton, Downies Mystic Maestro. 

 Hallamshire Riding Society Members’ Show -19th May 2013

Ring 1 – Best Turned Out Pony: 1st Daisie Davies & Rowfantina Star Turn, 2nd Mille Sequerra & Robbie, 3rd Millie Davies & Princess Fiji; Lead Rein: 1st Daisie Davies & Rowfantina Star Turn, 2nd Millie Davies & Princess Fiji, Iona Bullough & Windy Willow; First Ridden: 1st Ilana Wilkinson & Meadowlands Choirboy, 2nd Ellie Wood & Doldrum Satchmo; Best Ridden Pony: 1st Katy Christian & Amy; Novice Junior Rider: 1st: Laura Rawlings & Whiskey, 2nd Eve Slater-Codman & Windy Willow; Mountain & Moorland Small: 1st Ellie Wood & Doldrum Datchmo, 2nd Sally Sequerra & Robbie; Mountain & Moorland Large: 1st Helen Slater & Castle Hill Rocky; Junior Style & Appearance: 1st Daisie Davies & Rowfantina Star Turn; Ridden Youngster: 1st Briony Frith & Bailey; Champion: Daisie Davies & Rowfantina Star Turn, Reserve Champion: Ilana Wilkinson & Meadowlands Choirboy

Ring 2 – Best Turned Out Horse: 1st Briony Frith & Bailey; Riding Horse: 1st Janet Roberts & Sir Isaac, 2nd Sam May-Wright & Savannah, 3rd Louise Barber & Templar; Arab: 1st Sam May-Wright & Savannah; Cob: 1st Jill Hancock & Silent Shadow, 2nd Adele Wood & Warlock, 3rd Amy Smith & Max; Hunter: 1st Sarah Nightingale & Keenogue Happy Feet, 2nd Jill Hancock & Silent Shadow, 3rd Bethan Griffith & Guinness; Novice Senior Rider: 1st Sarah Rockliff & Bigalo’s Banjo, 2nd Daniel Matthews & Shadow; Coloured: Sarah Nightingale & Keenogue Happy Feet,  2nd Adele Wood & Warlock, 3rd Amy Smith & Max; Veteran: 1st Laura Rawlings & Whiskey; Champion: Sarah Nightingale & Keenogue Happy Feet, Reserve Champion: Jill Hancock & Silent Shadow Ring 3 – Lead Rein Working Hunter: 1st Ilana Wilkinson & Meadowlands Choir Boy; Cradle Stakes: 1st Charlotte Elliot & Paddy; WH not exc 15hh: 1st Jill Hancock & Silent Shadow; One Phase Working Hunter: 1st Jill Hancock & Silent Shadow, 2nd Georgina Ronksley & Suzie, 3rd India Francis & Tommy; Working Hunter exc 15hh: 1st Helen Berry & Petra; Champion: Jill Hancock & Silent Shadow, Reserve Champion: Charlotte Elliot & Paddy

Ring 4 – Best Turned Out In Hand: 1st Sara Twigg & Foxheys Stormchaser; Bonny Pony: 1st Briony Frith & Puzzle; Best Conditioned:  1st Sara Twigg & Foxheys Stormchaser; Youngstock: 1st Sophie Meggitt & King, 2nd  Sara Twigg & Foxheys Stormchaser, Briony Frith & Puzzle; Broodmare: 1st Katy Oxley & Lady Lily; Hunter: 1st  Sara Twigg & Foxheys Stormchaser, 2nd Bethan Griffith & Guinness, 3rd Natasha Hill & Zak; Welsh: 1st  Sara Twigg & Foxheys Stormchaser; Mountain and Moorland: 1st Sophie Meggitt & King, 2nd Sally Sequerra & Robbie; Coloured: 1st Sarah Nightingale & Keenogue Happy Feet, 2nd Briony Frith & Bailey, Veteran: 1st Laura Rawlings & Whiskey; Arabs: 1st Katy Oxley & Lady Lily; Best Junior Handler: 1st  Laura Rawlings & Whiskey; Stallions: 1st Briony Frith & Puzzle; Champion: Sarah Nightingale & Keenogue Happy Feet, Reserve Champion: Sophie Meggitt & King

Showjumping – Pairs: 1st Lauren Bartholomew & The Silversmith and Becky Glave & Bigalo’s Banjo, 2nd April Ellen & Barbie and Jasmine Bushell & Coco, 3rd Georgina Oakley & Bertie and  Annabelle Lenton & Nick; 55cm Horses: 1st Jade Booth & Sure Sign, 2nd Imogen Thompson & Cupcake, 3rd  Lauren Bartholomew & The Silversmith; Ponies: 1st Katy Christian & Amy, 2nd Jasmine Bushell & Coco, 3rd April Ellen & Barbie; 65cm Horses: 1st Becky Glave & Bigalo’s Banjo, 2nd Annabelle Lenton & Nick; Ponies: 1st Katy Christian & Amy, 2nd Eve-Slater Codman & Windy Willow, 3rd Tillie Wilson & Ozzie; 75cm Horses: 1st Pauline Pedley & Shadow, 2nd Helen Berry & Petra, 3rd Elizabeth Morton-Hall & Shadow; Ponies: 1st India Francis & Tommy, 2nd Poppy Schooling & Penny, 3rd Tillie Wilson & Ozzie; Speed Round: 1st Rhiannon Pedley & Alice; Accumulator: 1st Rhiannon Pedley & Chesney, 2nd Ceri Ashton & Nayef Star, 3rd Poppy Schooling & Penny; 85cm Horses: 1st Pauline Pedley & Shadow, 2nd Lucy Berry & Duffy, 3rd Rhiannon Pedley & Alice; Ponies: 1st India Francis & Tommy, 2nd Poppy Schooling & Penny; 95cm Horses: 1st Rhiannon Pedley & Chesney, 2nd Georgina Ronksley & Suzie, 3rd Lucy Berry & Duffy; Ponies: 1st  India Francis & Tommy

 Barlow Show 2013

Tarra in Hand: 1st Ocean King, M. Reynolds; 2nd Belinda Street, Heather Grant; 3rd Timeless Girl, Elenor Goldsbrough. Tarra Ridden: 1st Gabaka De Thaix, Kim Pemberton;2nd Belinda Street,Heather Grant; 3rd Duo Master,Andrea Hodkin. Championship: 1st Belinda Street, Heather Grant; 2nd Ocean King, Michelle Reynolds. Riding Horse: 1st Bramley Moor Clover ,Stella Plant; 2nd Donner Wolke , R. Gribben; 3rd Bonvour K. Golding.Ridden Show Cob: 1st The Travelling Man , Joanne Mitchell; 2nd Mr. Biggs, Tracey Gribben; 3rd Just Simply Archie leigh Anne Penny. Ridden Hack: 1st Miss Foley, Victoria Timperley; 2nd Ducal Miss Daisey Lauren Matkin; 3rd Alareef, Emma Burbank. Ridden Hunter: 1st Roebuck Diamond Stacey Harper; 2nd The Ark Royal ,Lauren Hill; 3rd Tick Tok Tim Will Morton. Novice Ridden Hunter: 1st Newport Gypsy, Stacy Bennett; 2nd Lowmoor Pillow Talk, Katie Hoare; 3rd Carnsdale Rockstar , Emma Burbank. Ridden Coloured: 1st Tophouse Troy, Natalie Pritchard; 2nd Mr. Biggs , Tracey Gribben; 3rd Saffy, Kate Adlington. Maxi Cob: 1st Hazevern Wow Factor , Liz Eadon; 2nd Radnor Classic ,Jennie Dunk; 3rd Diamond Kit Abigail Shaw. Open Irish Draft: 1st Hazevern Wow Factor, Liz Eadon; 2nd Roebuck Daimond Stacey Harper; 3rd Newport Gypsy ,Stacey Bennett. Ladies Hunter / Cob / Maxi / Riding Horse: 1st Middleman, Faye Ludlow. The Dunn Local Horse Championship: 1st Roebuck Diamond, Stacey Harper; 2nd Hazevern Wow Factor, Liz Eadon. Supreme Champion: 1st Roebuck Diamond, Stacey Harper; 2nd Highwayman Jessica Sutton. Small Ridden Hunter: 1st Fahavane Artic Boy , Jenny Needham. Riding Horse: 1st Bonjour, Katie Goulding; 2nd Donna Wolke R. Gribben; 3rd Diamond Cavalier Royale , Stephanie Hill. Ridden Show Cob / Maxi: 1st , Harvey Nicholls ,Michaela Pollitt; 2nd Diamond Kit, Abigail Shaw; 3rd Mores Magic 2004 J. Lowe. Ridden Hack: 1st Royden Sweet William , Grace Michaelides; 2nd Ducal Miss Daisy ,Lauren Matkin 3rd Crunchy Nut Polly Mallender.Ridden Hunter: 1st Rockafella, Jamie Singfield; 2nd The Ark Royal, Lauren Hill; 3rd Sheer Ambition , J. Everett. Side Saddle Concours D’Elegance: 1st Wish, Shirley Oultram; 2nd Sleet , Rachel Barker. Side Saddle Equitation: 1st Wish, Shirley Oultram; 2nd Sleet, Rachael Barker; 3rd Farnau Caradog ,Lisa Lane. The Side Saddle Association Classical Ladies Side Saddle Qualifying Class:1st Middleman ,Faye Ludlow.Best Horse / Pony to be ridden Side Saddle: 1st Sleet , Rachael Barker;2nd Famau Caradog , Lisa Lane. Ridden Youngster / Green Horse / Pony:1st Neville ,Georgie Wragg; 2nd Whalton Bay Dream , Jessica Williams;3rd Cainsdale Pure Genius Sophie Hunt. Ridden Warm Blood / Foreign Breed: 1st Rubic, Julie Down; 2nd Lottie , Sally Anne Baroudi. Sports Horse / Pony: 1st Neville ,Georgie Wragg; 2nd Dana T.J A. Hurst; 3rd Carnsdale Pure Genius, Jessica Hunt. Riding Club Type: 1st Mr. Twister, Annica Weaver; 2nd Fudge Master Samuel Hall; 3rd Rock a Fella, Ruth Atkinson. Retrained Race Horse: 1st Indiana Gold, Mairi Wilson; 2nd Belinda Street, Heather Grant; 3rd Ocean King, M. Reynolds. Retrained Race Horse Challenge: 1st Ocean King, Michelle Reynolds; 2nd Ducal Miss Daisy, Lauren Matkin; 3rd Strevelyn, Joanna Rusby. Novice Adult Riders & Newcomers: 1st Carnsdale Pure Genius, Jessica Hunt; 2nd Neville, Georgie Wragg; 3rd Roland, Christina Broadbent. Style & Appearance: 1st Crunchy Nut Polly Mallender; 2nd Wellbrow Victor ,Milli Ward;3rd Golden Glitter, Shareen Miller. Family Horse / Pony: 1st Ninababa, Tony Pollitt; 2nd Wellbrow Victor, Milli Ward; 3rd Apache, Molli Hitchins. Livery Yard Horse or Pony: 1st Golden Glitter, Shareen Miller; 2nd Roland, Christina Broadbent; 3rd Indico, Molly Graham. Senior Equitation: 1st Savanna, Sam Maywright; 2nd Golden Glitter, Shareen Miller; 3rd Crunchynut, Polly Mallender. Youngstock in Hand: 1st Abbey Woods, Colour Me IN, T. Mulcahy; 2nd Brynllwyn Xylia, Richard Barman. Non Native Open In Hand Qualifier: 1st Pferdere Stud Chanelle, Miss G. Berisford; 2nd Sea Shell, Beck Spackman. Native / Cob / Traditional Open in Hand: 1st Cock A Billy, Amanda Butler; 2nd Sir Don , Gemma Spence; 3rd Tuxedo, Jo Martin. Novice Ridden Horse / Pony: 1st Holyland Rossini ,Grace Michaelides; 2nd Greateaves Maya ,Daniel Luison; 3rd Cavalier Clover, Laura Deacon. Non Native Open Ridden Qualifier Plaited Horse or Pony: 1st Dana T.J. , A. Hurst; 2nd Over the Rainbow Emily Downs; 3rd Cavalier Clover , Laura Deacon. Native / Cob / Traditional / Vanner Open Ridden Qualifier: 1st Tilly V ,Eleanor Morrisroe; 2nd Capricorn 2004 , Amanda Butler; 3rd Cracker V 2000 , Michelle Gray. Sports Horse / Pony: 1st Dana T.J. , A. Hurst; 2nd Cavalier Clover , Laura Deacon. Open In Hand Youngstock:1st Rock a Billy ,Amanda Butler; 2nd Abbeywoods Colour Me IN T. Mulcahy Open In Hand Small & Large: 1st Great Eaves ,Natasha Reeves; 2nd River , Becky Spackman. Ridden Small & Large: 1st Badger , Natasha Reeves; 2nd Top House Troy ,Natalie Pritchard.; Open Mixed Age Ridden: 1st Celtic Silver Shadow ,Rebecca Markillie; 2nd Charlie ,Catherine Parkin; 3rd Roland , Christina Broadbent.Open Mixed Age Ridden: 1st Crabbswood Tomboy ,Gracie Susan Muse;2nd Celtic Silver Shadow ,Rebecca Markillie; 3rd Regie Sunsplash ,Ellie Bates. Class 45C: 1st Tophouse Troy , Natalie Pritchard; 2nd Crabbswood Tomboy ,Gracie Susan Mews. Novice or Nervous Rider: 1st Irie Reggae Sun Splash 1992 Katie Goulding; 2nd The Fudge Master Samuel Hall. Small Course Working Hunter:1st Fergal McGabb , Nina McDowell; 2nd Swan View King ,Sophie Hunt; 3rd Lowmoor Pillow Talk ,Elliott Betts. Open Working Hunter Horse: 1st ? , C. Winfield; 2nd Albert , Chris Wilson;3rd Stashquiz , R. Hanson. Working Cob / Maxi Cob / Riding Horse / Hack: 1st Beano , R. Taylor; 2nd Diamond Kit Abbeygale Shaw;3rd Ben Kelly Burkitt. Cradle Stakes:1st Airyhope Highwayman Jessica Sutton;2nd The Mighty Mouse Maddison Boswell; 3rd Snowflake , Aimee Wildgoose.Open Nursery Stakes: 1st Newtonhill Prince Cara Jane Short; 2nd Hardwick Pot Black , Emma Hitchins. Novice Working Hunter Pony / Intermediate WH:1st Manus Duncan , Alice Serby; 2nd Mr. Twister ,Annica Weaver; 3rd Newtonhill Prince Cara Jane Short. Open Working Hunter Pony / Intermediate WH: 1st Manus Duncan , Alice Serby. In Hand Riding Pony: 1st Brookwater Star Attraction Charlotte Swidtts; 2nd Jipson Nightingale Leonie Jackson. First Ridden: 1st Twylands Picture ,Eve Giles; 2nd Love Story ,Jorsa Newbold Show Hunter Pony Lead Rein: 1st Rillaton Peter Rabbit ,Jack Smith. Show Hunter Pony:1st Gerfenletch Merlin E. Hingley; 2nd Mompesson Royal Party, Josh Blythe;3rd Gracie Muse ,Crabbswood Tomboy Intermediate Show Hunter Type:1st Noble Topman,W. Hingle; 2nd Conker III ,Joanne Lee. Lead Rein Mountain & Moorland: 1st Thistledown Chloe Olivia Smethers; 2nd Fudgie ,Zara Watson; 3rd Galwyn Bomberder, Claudia Risorto. Mountain & Moorland First Ridden: 1st Kimcote Charmer, Lucy Bednall. Junior Ridden Mountain & Moorland: 1st Grey Blazer ,Grace Cresswell; 2nd Wangfield Jet,  Morgan Millward;  3rd Hilin Aur , Pia Robinson. Open M & M Ridden: 1st Merlotte Megastar Charlotte Gahegan; 2nd Machelthy Sir Bertram Alan Butler; 3rd Hanky Tank ,Sarah Oldman. Open Part Bred Ridden 1st Windbush Orlando , Phoebe Corner.M & M In Hand: 1st Machelthy Sir Bertram Alan Butler; 2nd Twyream Atiya, Sue Varley; 3rd Pengraig Seth Joanne Lee. Peak Oil Championship: 1st Rillaton Peter Rabbit,Jack Smith; 2nd Thistledown Chloe Olivia Smithers. M & M In Hand, Colt, Filly, Gelding, 1,2 & 3 Year Old: 1st Kyle Beck Galaxy L Roper; 2nd Kingdom of Ryedale ,Sophie Meggat; 3rd Inglegarth Bellman , Chris Hollands M & M IN Hand Stallion, Mare or Gelding 4 Years Old or Over: 1st Aoresdale Halle Berry , Abigail Tolly; 2nd Galleon Pollover ,Vicoria Edwards Sonnex; 3rd Birkinbrook Sequin , Debbie Platt. M & M Open Leading Rein Pony: 1st Thiskdown Chloe ,Olivia Smithers; 2nd Fudgie ,Zara Watson; 3rd Galwyn Bombladder ,Claudia Risorto.M & M Open First Ridden: 1st Stockham Jeremy Fisher , Grace Mae Taylor;2nd Florett Kir Royale Liam Morgan. The Pearson Championship: 1st Twistledown Chloe , Olivia Smithers; 2nd Stockham Jeremy Fisher , Grace Mae Taylor Small Breeds Ridden M & M: 1st Pengraig Seth Joanne Lee; 2nd Colliyers Highlite ,Debbie Bower. Large Breeds Ridden M & M: 1st Merlottie Megastar Charlotte Gahegan; 2nd Frosty Cae , Annette Lee; 3rd Acreadale Halle Berry , Abgail Toiley Novice Ridden Mixed Breeds: 1st Colliyers Highlite ,Debbie Bower; 2nd Harry , Pip Marshall; 3rd Rhyleddon Archie Jemma Saunt. Open Ridden Mixed Breeds:1st Galleon Rollover ,Victoria Edwards Sonnex; 2nd Newton Hill Prince Alfie , Cara Jane Short; 3rd Frosty Care ,Hannah Lee. M & M Small Breed; 1st Jaz Pia Robinson. M & M Large Breeds; 1st Brynbach Brawd Am Pride Chloe Parkin;2nd Abergavenny Tywyyog Arabella Heap; 3rd Grey Blazer ,Grace Cresswell. Intermediate M & M: 1st Mallards St. Peter Victoria Edwards Sonnex;2nd Aeresdale Halle Berry ,Abi Tolley; 3rd Broughton Rosanna , Jessica Mott. Decathlon Local M & M Pony Championship: 1st Aeresdale Halle Berry ,Abigail Tolly; 2nd Thistledown Chloe Olivia Smithers Best Turned Out/ Concours D’Elegance; 1st Crabbswood Tomboy ,Grace Muse; 2nd Desabre Last Word , Katie Thorpe; 3rd Lopsey , Natalie Saunders. Lead Rein Pony: 1st Atlow Springs Pendragon , Daisy Dadby; 2nd Fudgie ,Zara Watson. First Time Ridden: 1st Trecol, Lily Mae Baten; 2nd Broombank Bountyhunter ,Emma Shaw; 3rd Birthday Girl Millie Robinson. Novice Child Rider: 1st Twylands Picture ,Eve Giles; 2nd Doldrum Satchmo Ellie Wood; 3rd Trecol , Lily Mae Batcher. Best Ridden Pony: 1st Broombank Bounty Hunter Molly Shaw lead Rein / First Ridden Suitability & Equitation: 1st Argus the Love Story ,Jorja Newbold; 2nd Doldrum Satchmo Ellie Wood; 3rd Tommy Snow Amelia Maycock. Just off the Lead Rein: 1st Doldrum Satchmo Ellie Wood; 2nd Areus Love Story ,Jorja Newbold; 3rd Macarum , Liley Outram. First Ridden Pony: 1st Doldrum Satchmo Ellie Wood Childrens New Combination Showing 1st Twylands Picture ,Eve Giles; 2nd Hilin Aur , Pia Robinson; 3rd Cashleen Paddy ,Elizabeth Coakley.Pony Club Type: 1st Gracie , Victoria Rhodes; 2nd Cashleen Paddy ,Elizabeth Wakley; 3rd Rushmeed Riverdane Ri , Sophie Whitworth Junior Equitation: 1st Gracie , Victoria Rhodes; 2nd Wangfield Jet Morgan Millward. C89:1st Duidrum Satcho ,Ellie Wood;2nd Twylands Picture ,Eve Giles. Mixed Height Novice Show Hunter Pony:1st Noble Topman ,W Ingley; 2nd Wynellea Artful Dodger , Ellie Blythe; 3rd Windbush Orlando , Phoebe Corner. Mixed Height Open Pony of Show Hunter Type: 1st Crabbswood Tomboy ,Gracie Muse; 2nd Noble Top Man , William Hingley;3rd Gorfenletch Merlin , E Hingley. leading Rein Pony of Hunter Type:1st Rillaton Peter Rabbit ,Jack Smith. Open First Pony of Show Hunter Type:1st Horburys Spirit Merlin Danielle; 2nd Flakey ,Amiee Wildgoose Leading Rein Pony: 1st Brockwater Spring Blossom Helen Walker Langton. First Ridden Pony:1st Twylands Picture ,Eve Giles; 2nd Areus Love Story ,Jorja Newbold Intermediate Show Riding Type / Show Hunter Type: 1st Conker 111 ,Joanne Lee.Mini Championship: 1st Twylands Picture ,Eve Giles; 2nd Areus Love Story ,Jorja Newbould. Local Champion: 1st Conker 111 ,Joanne Lee; 2nd Twylands Picture ,Eve Giles. Mini WHP: 1st Tea Hugh Horne; 2nd Patch , Isabela Rodgers; 3rd Argus Lake Story ,Jorja Newbold. Mountain & Moorland Working Hunter Pony: 1st Kimcote Charmer ,Lucy Bednall; 2nd Brynbach Brawd Am Pride Chloe Parkin; 3rd Brookwater Lap Dance Charlotte Swindells. Working Hunter Pony not Exceeding 133cm: 1st Horburys Spirit of Medyn ,Danielle Furniss; 2nd William ,Tara O’Rourke; 3rd Not recorded. Working Hunter Pony Exceeding 133cm: 1st Groffen Letch Merlin ,E Hinelley. Working Hunter Pony Exceeding 133cm but under 153cm: 1st Ballymaelcar Jessica Legge; 2nd Manus Duncan , Alice Serby; 3rd Indian Princess , Mackenzie Turner. Heritage Nursery Stakes: 1st Airyhope Highwayman, Hessica Sutton; 2nd Himcote Charmer, Lucy Bednell; 3rd Teg, Hugh Home. Confined Novice M & M WHP: 1st Ballmacar, Jessica Legge; 2nd Melnus Dinican, Alice Serlby; 3rd Roscann Jennifer, Carolie Cook. Open Mountain & Moorland WHP:` 1st Melnus Dinican . Alice Serlby; 2nd Owlerset Solar , W Hinkley ; 3rd Aberdavey Alan Duop, Jessica Fawn Hunt Best Turned Out Pony Which Lives Out at Grass 24/7: 1st Broombank Bounty Hunter Molly Shaw. Young Handler: 1st Dolly Mixture , Alisha Bradley; 2nd Alfie , Millie Fletcher; 3rd Starlight Elora Gregory. Bonn Pony: 1st Teddy , Isobel Corbridge; 2nd Alfie , Milli Fletcher; 3rd Dolly Mixture , Alisha Bradley. Pretty Mare: 1st Kyneton Lilly Chloe May Smith; 2nd Ava 2008 , Emma Price; 3rd Dolly Mixture , Alisha Bradley. Gorgeous Gelding: 1st Alfie , Millie Fletcher; 2nd Teddy , Isobel Corbridge; 3rd Shadow Lilli Broadhurst.  My Much Loved Friend: 1st Campbell , Charlotte Bradshaw; 2nd Coco , Rory Horne; 3rd Teddy , Isobel Corbridge Ridden Shetland / Very Small Pony: 1st Jasmine ,Amber Stenton; 2nd Westleigh Silver Nike ,Madison Brown 3rd Teddy , Isobel Corbridge. My Very First Show: 1st Coco , Rory Horne; 2nd Teddy , Ella Hill; 3rd Chutney Noah Roney Billard. Nursery Showing Class: 1st Chutney Noah Roney Billard; 2nd Jasmine ,Amber Stenton; 3rd Westleigh Silver Nike ,Madison Brown. Ridden Bonny Pony: 1st Maesllwch Hawkjet , Patrick Wardle; 2nd Alfie , Milli Fletcher; 3rd Jasmine ,Amber Stenton. Ridden Pony: 1st Maesllwch Hawk Jet , Patrick Wardle; 2nd Bryngaer Cyntaee Ellie Beenstall; 3rd Brockwater Spring Blossom Helen Walker Langton. Look What I Can Do!: 1st Dolly Mixture , Alisha Bradley; 2nd Jasmine ,Amber Stenton; 3rd Bryngaer Cyntae ,Ellie Beastall. Best Conditioned; 1st Jamee , Chrissie Sheerstone; 2nd Gracie , Victoria Rhodes;3rd Cupcake Imogen Thompson. Native Type: 1st Melyngoch Castan Mark Stanton; 2nd Fairytail Spotless ,Helan Sande; 3rd Amblym Black Beauty , Rheanna McPhail. Spotted, Palomino, Dun or Roan: 1st Melyngech Colstan , Mark Stanton;2nd Larancha van de Bosrand , Chelsea Price; 3rd Rockstar Zu ,Karol Ramsden.Foreign Breeds: 1st Larocharan De Bosrand Chelsea Price;2nd Jameel ,Chrissie Sheerstone; 3rd Cupcate Imogen Thompson. 4 Year Olds & Under: 1st Rockstar Zu ,Karol Ramsden; 2nd Junior Diplomat ,Susan Fletcher; 3rd Fairytale Spotless ,Helen Sande. Veteran: 1st Roland , Christina Broadbent; 2nd Emerald Star Helen Morley; 3rd Bryngder Cyntal ,Ellie Beastall. Coloured: 1st Fairytale Spotless ,Helen Sande. Fancy Dress; 1st Twylands Picture ,Eve Giles; 2nd Essendon Flashman , Georgina Swift; 3rd Foldhouse Native Peanut , William Swift. Lead rein Jumping;1st Zara , Scarlett Mycode. Beginners Show Jumping – 55cm: 1st Snowflake , Aimee Wildgoose; 2nd Sammy , Issy Cutts McKay; 3rd Polo , Hannah Hardy.12.2hh & under – 60cm: 1st Mr. Pink Jessica Sutton; 2nd , Polo , Hannah Hardy; Snowflake , Aimee Wildgoose; 4th Sammy , Issy Cutts Mckay. 13.2hh & under – 70cm: 1st Ryans Reputation Molly Fletcher; 2nd Mr. Pink Jessica Sutton; 3rd Joey , Jessica Amis. 14.2hh & under 80cm: 1st Ryans Reputation Molly Fletcher; 2nd , Mr Bobby , Caitlin Dean; Millie , Emily Taylor; 4th Peggy Sue , Charlotte Andrews. Novice 90cm: 1st Millie, Emily Taylor; 2nd Jaffa , Olivia Handley; 3rd Mai Ailis McTaggart. 34 Intermediate – 1 metre: 1st Mai Ailis Martaggart; 2nd Jaffa , Olivia Hanelley. Pre Novice Pony: 1st Tinvale Kierey Jack , Isla Bennett; 2nd Splash , Hannah Ashley; 3rd Tonto , Chloe Redpath. Novice Pony: 1st William ,Tara O’Rouke; 2nd Amblynn Black Beauty Rheanna McPhail; 3rd M Y Meggie ,Jennifer Johnson Intermediate Pony: 1st Zorba the II ,Joe Gayle; 2nd Mai Ailis Maetaggerd; 3rd Hazel , Olivia Taylor. Open Pony: 1st William ,Tara O’Rouke; 2nd Blue , Sophie Rogers; 3rd Mai Aills Mae Taggert. Pre Novice Horse: 1st Sky Rebecca Markillie. Novice Horse: 1st Jazztime II, Nicola Bullard; Other entrants eliminated. Intermediate Horse: 1st Jazztime II, Nicola Bullard; 2nd Princess Dawn Gregory; 3rd Strevelyn , Jo Rusby.  Open Horse: 1st Princess, Dawn Gregory; 2nd Strevrun, Joanne Rusby.


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