Caring for your Tack

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horse Bob Atkins 199x300 - Caring for your Tacknew leather care 300x214 - Caring for your Tackhi res NET TEX Logo ash 300x51 - Caring for your TackWith the grim winter weather just around the corner (sorry to depress you!), it won’t just be you and your horse that will be wet and muddy – your tack will suffer too!
Net-Tex Industries offer a wide range of tack care products, so who better to glean some great advice from on keeping your tack in tip top condition?
• Try to clean your tack each time you ride –this not only gives you a chance to check over your equipment, but also helps get rid of any build up of grease and dirt, which can damage leather. If time is tight, give it a quick wipe over to get rid of mud and grease with a damp cloth and a touch of saddle soap, then at least once a week give your tack a thorough clean.
• Top Tip: Our tack wipes are also a great time saver as they are already impregnated with cleaner, so you don’t even have to fill a bucket to clean tack!
• Don’t ever store your leather tack near direct heat or on a radiator. If it gets wet allow it to dry naturally otherwise the leather will dry out too much and you risk it cracking and splitting. If you use cotton saddlecloths under your saddle, make sure you air them if your horse gets sweaty, wash them regularly and do not share them with other horses to avoid spreading skin problems
• Top Tip: For a really good cleaning session, make sure you take apart bridles and remove stirrups and girths, so that you can clean your tack and accessories with ease –again allowing you to see any ‘hidden damage’ that may lay underneath buckles.
• When it comes to cleaning your tack properly, make sure that you have access to clean warm water, good ventilation and a protective layer on the floor or table on which to sit your tack on. Start off by sponging off dirt and sand off your tack and then using saddle soap or leather cleaner and some warm water gently start to clean your tack, working into any creases, paying particular attention to the areas that tend to get a lot of grease build-up.
• After your tack has dried thoroughly, take a soft cloth and wipe over any dust that may have settled on your tack and then, using a clean sponge or cloth, take a little conditioner and work into the leather in a circular motion. Work only a small amount in at a time as the leather will only absorb what it can, so any excess should be wiped off afterwards with a cloth. Some products available both clean AND condition, so double check the label –you could be saving yourself some elbow grease.
• Finally, remember if you look after your tack –it will look after you!
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