Bockmann are back in the JSW Stable

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NEO RED 750x440 - Bockmann are back in the JSW Stable

Bockmann horse trailers are the World’s leading manufacturers of horse transportation and the model choices are simply worlds apart – built with utter quality materials all without compromise. 
Take for example the NEO… a space age futuristic beauty with everything on board any professional horseperson would need:

Neo inside 300x240 - Bockmann are back in the JSW Stable
> Internal tack locker (with kit such as mini mounting block, shovel, feed buckets, shelving for example)
> Oodles of head space.
> Cool blue & white travelling lights.
> Quick releasing breast bar safety feature.
> The highest of build quality.
> The smoothest of towing…… the list continues when you take a look inside and out for yourself.

NEO111 300x225 - Bockmann are back in the JSW Stable

For further details and to view the range please visit

Equestrian Life Leaderboard Mollichaff Light80 - Bockmann are back in the JSW Stable
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