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The Countryside & Equestrian Blog Awards Return With New Name & Exciting New Developments

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The Country Style & Equestrian Blogger Of The Year Awards (CS&E Awards) will take on an exciting new direction this year with new award titles, categories and a definitive split between the two sectors.

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The move comes as blogger portal Haynet announce that long term sponsors Equestrian PR & Social Media Marketing Agency MirrorMePR, will be taking over running the Equestrian Awards while the founder of the original awards, Haynet, will move forward separately with the Countryside Awards.

Both judges will, however, still be involved in judging both sets of the awards, and as Sam Hobden, MD of Haynet and creator of the successful honours explains;

“We want to continue to grow the awards and develop them. After much discussion, it made more sense for us to split the awards and run them separately. There will be brand new categories this year within both sets of the awards and we will also have some exciting new developments to be announced.”

Ashley Rossiter, MD Of MirrorMePR, reveals one new element; the inclusion of vlogging going forward for both sets of awards: “We are thrilled to include vloggers going forward, and to reflect this, the name of the awards has been revised. With video content continuing to be a strong medium in 2019, we feel the opportunity for expression, topic and discussion are there for both, and therefore they will be judged equally for the categories we will be revealing in due course.”

The new titles of the Awards are ‘Equestrian Blogger/Vlogger Of The Year Awards’ and Countryside Blogger Of The Year Award.

To keep up to the speed on the latest news, developments and competition details, follow both awards on their new dedicated Instagram Channels with more information of the new categories and increased prize values to be announced:


Countryside Blogger Of The Year are also on Facebook & Twitter.


The Equestrian Life Review – The Ultimate Muzzle

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Why Use a Grazing Muzzle?

Equine obesity can be associated with underlying metabolic issues such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID or Cushings Syndrome).

If your vet has tested for these, he/she may recommend a Grazing Muzzle as part of the weight management plan.

Grazing Muzzles can be a successful way to prevent Laminitis. A study on stabled ponies that wore a Grazing Muzzle on Autumn pasture measured the intake over 3 hrs and found an 83% reduction.

Horses and ponies wearing a Grazing Muzzle are more likely to spend more time foraging and therefore moving more aiding weight loss.

Grazing Muzzles should not be worn 24 hours a day. Weight loss must be monitored carefully; a healthy rate of weight loss would be a maximum of 1% a week (eg 3.5kg/week on a 350kg pony).

Due to the shape of the mouth hole of The Ultimate Muzzle most equines will manage to eat hay through it.


There should be ample room around the bucket of the muzzle. It should not be tight; you should be able to fit at least 2 fingers in the side and 3 at the back. It is advisable to watch the horse/pony eat to check there is enough room. There should be at least an inch gap between the horse’s muzzle and the base of the Grazing Muzzle.

Adjust the straps so the ring is not too close to the eyes.

The Grazing Muzzle should be removed and checked at least once a day and not left on 24 hours a day.

The Ultimate Muzzle headstraps are interchangable and it may be advisable to carry a spare in case of breakage.

Faux sheepskin covers are available as an accessory (extra).

What did we think?

Having a pony very prone to laminitis, we exist totally with grazing muzzles for any turnout as it is just not worth the risk.  He’s not turned out 24/7 either and we have a very strict routine. 

We have a graveyard of grazing muzzles as he is a real Houdini when it comes to removing them.  About five seconds is his record and it is just so depressing to get them all ready, turn them out and watch it come off in the blink of an eye, especially when they are hard to catch as well.

So, having found a brand that fit really well, didn’t rub him anywhere I was slightly apprehensive to try a different one, however I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I have learnt to go for a size larger than his usual (Cob) as I can adjust them, they fit him better and he’s not fighting them.  So, this one is very generous but it is so incredibly easy to put on, no fighting with straps or Velcro, just literally slip the strap over his head and do up like you would a headcollar.  He has never once tried to remove it and he has no rubbed skin, loss of fur or sores.  It has a bit more ventilation than his current one and if the flies are out he will wear it with a flyhat over the top and still he is content which is a miracle.  So, all in all, I am really loving this product and he is too.  I know I can turn him out without having to go and check every ten minutes.



The Equestrian Life Review – The Bootroom

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What did we think?

We picked up this pair of boots in mid to late August.  Admittedly we had an exceptionally hot few weeks and the thought of wearing boots was furthest from my mind at that time.  However the moment the temperate started to drop, I was reaching for the boots to give them a thorough road test. 

IMG 7415 225x300 - The Equestrian Life Review - Spanish Boots

Now I’m not going to lie but I am wearing them literally every day almost.  I am even planning my wardrobe to go with my boots.  I thought initially they would rub and it would need me wearing them little and often to ‘break them in’.  Couldn’t have been more wrong.  I wear a thin pair of socks with them, they have been beyond comfortable from day one.

The combination of nubuck leather and suede just looks and feels fantastic.  I love the colour (it is very me) and the extra long tassels draw compliments every time.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve been asked where the boots are from and I do hope I’ve managed to convert boot lovers.

IMG 7408 210x300 - The Equestrian Life Review - Spanish Boots

Considering I have worn them so regularly I am really impressed that they look so clean and presentable all the time.  Even if we are out in a dirty field, just a quick wipe over and they are ready to go again.  I often find boots start to stretch after a while but these have held their shape, no slipping down or looking baggy round the ankles. 

I have a feeling these will last a while but I have no hesitation whatsoever in getting another pair as and when they do need replacing, they are more than worth their money in my opinion.

These boots were not made bespoke for me, I just ordered my normal shoe size.  You can however order bespoke boots from The Boot Room, so if you are worried your legs may be too short, too long, too thin or too fat, or one foot bigger than the other …. this is not a problem – how brilliant is that?   Just a small extra charge to have them exactly as you want, money well spent I would say.

Our verdict: 10/10

Where can I find them :

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