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BHS Exams add Distinction

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British horse society - BHS Exams add Distinction

British horse society - BHS Exams add DistinctionThe BHS has listened to the industry and will change the way in which candidates are rewarded in order to better reflect the requirements of future employers.
From 1 September, candidates who pass their full examination at their first attempt will be awarded a certificate ‘with distinction’ to recognise this achievement. The scheme applies to Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, BHS PTT and ITT exams. Individuals who have previously taken their BHS exams and passed all components at the first attempt, will also be given the opportunity to gain a retrospective distinction.
Jo Winfield FBHS said: “Having spoken with a range of employers the BHS is endorsing their input by recognising those candidates who achieve their exam in one day. We believe this more truly represents their ability to work under pressure in a stressful situation, similar to the commitment required in a day’s work.”

Medicaleaf - BHS Exams add Distinction
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