Better breathing for you both!

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belvoir bed logo 300x99 - Better breathing for you both!Respiratory problems are equally as common during the warmer months as they are in winter, and it is not just your horse that can be affected by an unhealthy environment. Consider the time you spend in the stable – throwing up bedding and inhaling the surrounding air – don’t you and your horse both deserve to be breathing cleanly?

Ammonia and dust can both contribute to respiratory problems. COPD (previously known as RAO) can be aggravated and lead to much discomfort for your horse, whilst irritated asthma, coughs and colds can be very unpleasant for yourself.

Mucking out is unfortunately an occupational hazard when looking after horses, but breathing in harmful odours needn’t be and there are several ways that chopped straw bedding Belvoir Bed helps ensure this.

Step 1, absorbency! Belvoir Bed is exceptionally absorbent due to its short fibres, which enable it to soak up large quantities of urine quickly; this means there is a reduced risk of harmful ammonia levels in the environment.

Step 2, dust extraction! With a brand new, state of the art dust extraction process, Belvoir Bed is virtually dust free, meaning dangerous moulds and spores are practically eradicated!

Step 3, added extras! Belvoir Bed uses a natural, organic formulation containing Lemongrass, which is a non-toxic and non-irritant plant offering a pleasant lemon smell without the potency of citronella. The formula also has powerful anti-fungal and antiseptic properties making it ideal for all yards, especially larger establishments, to help keep viruses at bay, as well as helping keep equines content and free from pesky insects and flies.

Having used Belvoir Bed for several months, Gemma Dale has been thoroughly impressed by the product. “I’ve used most types of bedding and Belvoir Bed is by far the best,” she says. “I have asthma and it isn’t irritating to me, or the horses and smells lovely. The stables look clean and tidy and I have a few youngsters that have been known to eat other bedding, but that isn’t the case with Belvoir Bed!”

With prices from £4.90 + vat, Belvoir Bed is quick rotting, easy to muck out and comfortable for your horse. Belvoir Bed can only be ordered direct enabling prices to be kept to an absolute minimum. To find out more information tel: 01254 677 786 or visit:

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