Battling the Elements this Winter

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Battle the elements this winter with the help of Robinson Animal Healthcare 750x440 - Battling the Elements this Winter

Battle the elements this winter with the help of Robinson Animal Healthcare 150x100 - Battling the Elements this WinterIn winter, muddy, wet conditions can cause a headache for many horse owners, writes Robinsons Animal Healthcare.  Mud is a prime breeding ground for a range of bacteria, and when horses are stood in deep, wet mud for prolonged periods of time these bacteria can transfer easily onto their skin.

Ideally, we would keep our horse’s legs clean and dry in winter and use well-drained turnout only.  However, in reality this is impractical – turnout can quickly become churned and boggy and often hacking is the only option for exercise, making exposure to mud inevitable.

Robinson Animal Healthcare manufactures a number of products to keep in your first aid kit to help battle the mud this winter.

Activ Scrub* is an antibacterial scrub and cleansing wash that is effective in seconds. Mild and gentle, Activ Scrub is perfect for keeping legs clean and is supplied in an easy to use, pump bottle. After rinsing, it is essential to dry the legs thoroughly. Veterinary Gamgee® is ideal for wrapping around the legs to absorb excess moisture and insulate.

Equiwrap® self-adhering bandages can then be used to secure the Gamgee® in place and also provides extra support. Available in a range of colours Equiwrap® can be torn by hand and is breathable.  

Robinson Animal Healthcare has a wide range of products for all your first aid requirements.

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

For more information contact Robinson Animal Healthcare on 01909 735000 or visit

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