Anna Ward February Diary

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Anna Ward 1 720x426 - Anna Ward February Diary

Anna Ward 1 300x225 - Anna Ward February DiaryWell what a changeable month February has been we started with snow and then finished with this gorgeous spring weather!

The ponies are blissfully happy and enjoying there last few weeks of doing absolutely nothing other than eating and sleeping!.. Muh haha it will all change in a few weeks when it’s back to work!

I’m getting prepared to get back them into work in two weeks time when my polo season will start! Yeeha! I always like to give the ponies a full winter off, I’ve worked this way for the past three years and the ponies just love coming back into work! They are also super challenging and frisky but I love the fact they feel good – no winter polo for my spoilt ponies! someone once said a horse only has so many chukkas and I think that’s quite right – so I’m saving them for when I really need them!

It was all going to plan, when horses being horses, and is now Noemi’s turn for the injury! She had a little accident in the field! She has managed to get caught in the fence – no idea how when we have post rail and has skinned the front part of her leg totally off! So she’s on a little box rest at the moment and I haven’t heard a peak from her – she’s very happy being spoilt and with the other yard horses she’s not missing the others in the slightest! She will be fine in a week – it just looks worse than it actually is!

I’ve decided to take Brazillia and Roxy back to the Polo Club first and rest Noemi and Chalita for another couple of weeks, Just to allow for Noemi to heal and relax and it wont do Chalita any harm to have another month off! I was really hoping this season would start off better than the last one – but you just never know with horses – its better just to stay positive!

I had my last game of beach polo last weekend, which was great – and fantastic weather & playing conditions! I’m really looking forward to playing on the grass now but I know the ponies will be super fresh and i will be sitting tight in the saddle!!

I’ve been hacking out and working in my dads yard mucking out and getting polo fit by mucking out – although this last week I’ve had a tummy bug and haven’t been able to do much so that’s put me back a week, I’m only just starting to regain some feeling of normality now! It really wiped me out! Here me with my friends Sam & Sarah when we went out last weekend for a nice hack.

I’ve been riding Pami who is super cool and at only 15.3hh there’s certainly chance for her to become a polo pony if she doesn’t make it in the jumping job! She certainly is very brave, a little crazy and isn’t afraid of anything! So she would make the perfect polo pony!! Just need to persuade my dad! 🙂

I headed to BETA the equestrian trade show last week show as a friend of mine had got me tickets and alway like to see whats happening in the industry as i used to work as a clothing designer so it was a chance to go onto the Matchmakers stand and say hi to everyone from Tottie and see all the new products for 2012, which look absolutely fabulous – you will be very excited to see what Tottie have lined up for next winter!!

As always there’s lots that come with any sport and I’ve been busy giving all my mallets a make over!

I invested in some new mallets at the end of the season so I thought it was about time to give them all a new look and Tottie them up! They are half way ready but wanted to show you they have been pinked’ up! I’m really excited to get started with them soon this season I’ve saved them and not used any of them on the beach as it was too wet so im hoping they will score me some great goals this season!!

My boots are wearing in well and my bridles are all ready and super clean! I will make the move in two weeks to get the horses back to the polo club and start on their regime, I’m a week behind now with my sickness bug and Noemi’s little injury but the season doesn’t start till the end of April so we’ve plenty of time!

I’ve also got a really exciting new Team Member – Lola now joins the Team Tottie – I only got her yesterday so here’s a quick snap as I wanted to introduce you to her! She looks huge here but she’s super diddy and can’t wait to get her a little Tottie jacket for when she comes supporting me this season! She makes the perfect mascot! I’m in love!

My March Diary will certainly be a busy one so I’m looking forward to my last week off, so to speak and catching up with friends and sleep! Before the hard work begins and the 2012 polo season starts!

Love Anna x

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