Animalintex® and Summer Ailments advice from Robinson Animal Healthcare

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Animalintex is a must have item in any first aid kit. 750x440 - Animalintex® and Summer Ailments advice from Robinson Animal Healthcare

Animalintex is a must have item in any first aid kit. 150x100 - Animalintex® and Summer Ailments advice from Robinson Animal HealthcareWith winter now a distant memory, along comes the summer months with their own set of associated ailments that can rear their ugly head and spoil the best made plans.

Just as mud fever is more prevalent in winter, certain conditions are more common during the summer, so it is important to ensure your first aid kit is fully stocked with the products appropriate for the time of year.

Animalintex® is arguably the most versatile product in any equine first aid kit with the ability to treat a range of different conditions and is the only poultice and wound care dressing that is licenced by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), meaning it is strictly controlled to ensure efficacy, safety and consistency.

Each poultice contains two active ingredients, Boric Acid to kill infection and promote faster healing, and Tragacanth to draw out dirt and infection and reduce inflammation. This, in combination with different layers of absorbent material, padding and a low adherent wound facing layer creates the proven formulation of Animalintex®.

As a licenced product it can be used to treat a wide range of ailments that are more likely to occur during the summer months.

Animalintex Hoof Treatment may help to ease the inflammation and discomfort associated with laminitis. 300x223 - Animalintex® and Summer Ailments advice from Robinson Animal Healthcare
Treating Laminitis

Laminitis – A painful and serious condition, where the sensitive laminae inside the hoof wall become inflamed, causing lameness. If you suspect your horse or pony has laminitis you should always call the vet immediately. Animalintex® Hoof Treatment applied as a hot, wet poultice can help improve circulation and ease the pain associated with the condition.

Strenuous Training – Riding on hard ground increases concussion and can have a negative effect on the leg structures. This concussion may result in inflammation and swelling, injuries to tendons and muscles.

Animalintex® can be used as a dry padding to help relieve inflammation and can be highly effective for treating slight sprains. It can also be used cold from the refrigerator for additional cooling.

Abscesses – Foot abscesses can occur at any time of year, with a puncture wound to the sole of the foot the most common cause. A vet or farrier will need to locate the abscess and drain the pus. Once the pus has been drained the foot must be cleaned, before applying Animalintex® and securing in place with Equiwrap®, to draw out any remaining pus.

Hard ground during the summer months can cause bruising of the sole. 300x268 - Animalintex® and Summer Ailments advice from Robinson Animal Healthcare
Helping the bruised sole

Bruised Sole – As the temperature rises during the summer months and with reduced rainfall the ground can become hard, increasing the risk of a bruised sole. To help ease the discomfort of a bruised sole, Animalintex® Hoof Treatment should be applied as a hot, wet poultice, every eight hours for up to three days.

When applied as a hot, wet poultice to treat a bruised sole, Animalintex® improves blood flow helping to reduce swelling, whilst the warmth of the poultice provides comfort and relieves the horse of pain.

Infected wounds – During the summer months horses spend more time in the field where injuries can occur. Injuries sustained as a result of a puncture wound can become contaminated or infected and will require the use of a hot poultice to draw out the pus.

A hot, wet poultice increases the blood supply to the injured area, providing more oxygen and white blood cells which fight infection. The improved blood flow reduces the swelling whilst the warmth of the poultice relieves the animal of pain, providing comfort.

Whatever the type of injury, always remember to change the Animalintex® poultice at least once every 12 hours.

Robinson Animal Healthcare has a wide range of products for all your first aid requirements including the market leading Animalintex®, which is the only VMD licensed multi-layered absorbent poultice available in the UK and the legendary Veterinary Gamgee®.

For more information contact Robinson Animal Healthcare on 01909 735000 or visit  

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