East Midlands Results

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17th APRIL 2012

INTRO A: 1 Nikki Newbold, Captain Mack, 69.56; 2 Gemma Sweeting, Diamond Smuggler, 68.69. PRELIM 14 (QUAL): 1 Catherine McQuillan, Tyersal Marguerita, 60.83. (NON-QUAL): 1 Gemma Sweeting, Diamond Smuggler, 65.41; 2 Heather McDonald, Fiddler, 60.00; 3 Iona Whaley, Houla, 57.08. NOVICE 27 (OPEN): 1 Lindsey Poxon, Bon Jovie AKW, 67.57. (REST): 1 Theresa Stokes, Singing Hallmark, 68.92; 2 Ailsa Whaley, Bleu Jewel, 60.35. NOVICE 30Q (OPEN): 1 Lindsey Poxon, Bon Jovie AKW, 70.38; 2 Rebecca Kingswood, Balve B, 70.00. (REST): 1 Theresa Stokes, Singing Hallmark, 68.84; 2 Catherine McQuillan, Tyersal Marguerita, 58.07; 3 Ailsa Whaley, Bleu Jewel, 56.92. ELEMENTARY 42 (REST): 1 Sue Small, Euro’s Paso Doble, 68.12; 2 Rebecca Kingswood, Balve B, 67.18. ELEMENTARY 49Q (REST): 1 Sue Small, Euro’s Paso Doble, 66.00; 2 Fleur Field, Malbay Bob, 58.00

Kirkby Riding Club Show
April 8th 2012
Tack and Turnout: Holly Willoughby on Twford Selwyn. Ridden 14.2hh & Under Showing, Coloured/Palomino/Appaloosa: Leigh Nouch on Max. Lead Rein Showing: Lucy Barlow on Heniarth Union Jack. First Ridden: Megan Topham on Bronllys Rocky Riverman. Ex 14.2hh Showing, Cob and Hunter Type Showing: Joanne Ward on Riga. M&M Ridden: Lucy Barlow on Haniarth Union Jack. Veteran: Lizette Elliott on Royal Velvet. Best Groomed: Emma Vince & Rhfel Cali. In Hand 3 years and Under: Karen Buchanan & Killattle Pick N Mix. 4 years and Over: Michelle Storey & Blaze. Young Handler: Jessica Beeley & Trigger. M&M: Amy Austwick & Gizmos Gift. Coloured/Palomino/Appaloosa: Michelle Story & Blaze. Veteran: Joanne Ward & Little Lisa. Open: Joanne Ward & Riga. Handy Pony Lead Rein 5 years and under: Kendall Taylor & Little Lisa. Lead Rein 6&9 years: Holly Evans & Leo. 13 years and under: Olivia Silver & Bays of Thunder. 14 years and over: Hayley Gregory & Tri Star
Games lead Rein 5years and under: Finlay Bonsall on Lucky & Cole Webster on Charlie Bear. Lead Rein 6&9 years: Annabel Bird & Affah Sheppardess. 12 years and under: Savannah Gordon & Toffy. 13&16years & sophie Clarke & Nutcracker & Terrell Martin & Fern. 17 years and Over: Hayley Stocks & Spot The Difference. Chase Me Charlie: Savannah Gordon & Toffy. Most Appealing: Kessie Webster & Pancake. Lead Rein Jumping: Holly Evans & Leo. Working Hunter Lead Rein: Annabel Bird & Affah Sheppardess. Cradle & Ellie Kirk & Plainspots’ Silver Star. Nursery: Ben Beeley & Trigger. M&M: Hayley Stocks & Randalls Boy. Novice 15hh & Under: Sophie Clarke & Nutcracker. Novice Ex 15hh: Mckenzie Woodward & Alfred The Fourth. Sports Horse: Kayleigh Pyatt & Alfred The Great. Intermediate 15hh and Under: Hayley Stocks & Randalls Boy. Intermediate Ex 15hh: Lizette Elliott & Royal Velvet. Showjumping First Ridden: Lia Shaw & Snap Crackle and Pop. Beginners 14.2hh and under: Savannah Gordon & Toffy. Novice 14.2hh and Under: Selina Damar & Incabays Boy. Intermediate 14.2hh and Under: Connor Whittam & Lightning McQueen. Open 14.2hh and Under: Connor Whittam & Lightning McQueen. Beginners ex 14.2hh: Matthew Ashcroft & Bont James Bont. Novice ex 14.2hh: Denise Damar & Sterlin Merlin. Intermediate ex 14.2hh: Steven Parkin & Lucifer Lil. Open ex 14.2hh: Sandra Curry & Kilmadden Star.

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