Abandoned Foal Makes Good Progress

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Lisa Needs 707x440 - Abandoned Foal Makes Good Progress

Lisa Needs 150x100 - Abandoned Foal Makes Good ProgressA lovely young lady, Tina, was contacted by a friend the other night to say there was an abondoned foal on the road. t. Nobody knows the fate of her mother. The foal is roughly 10 days old. As Tina Said “She was so ill and cold and wet she couldn’t stand and is being bottle fed every two hours and being rehabilitated to help her stand.

The vet has been out and said he could hear something slightly on her lungs but not pneumonia so has administered long lasting antibiotics. She has been very poorly and has some way to go but I will try my best with love and warm to get her to her feet.”

Equestrian Life is thrilled to have been able to donate and help Tina as every little helps.

If you wish to donate, pleaser follow this link. https://www.facebook.com/donate/224955605274781/10157770518804504/

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