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A Warmer Winter with Speedi-Beet

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SB packshot 707x426 - A Warmer Winter with Speedi-Beet

SB packshot 207x300 - A Warmer Winter with Speedi-Beet

Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds is a unique sugar beet feed which can be soaked in hot water and ready to feed in just ten minutes.

Many horses lose condition over the winter months. Speedi-Beet will help horses to regain condition without the need to over feed concentrates, which can result in an over exuberant horse.

It is unmolassed 95% sugar free and therefore less likely to cause excitable behaviour in some horses. The low starch and sugar content also gives Speedi-Beet approval from the Laminitis Trust.

Speedi-Beet provides calories by providing highly fermentable soluble fibre, namely pectin. This soluble fibre is fermented by the micro-organisms living in the horse’s hindgut where it is turned into energy and condition.

It can also increase the nutrient value of the hay being fed. It is through this that Speedi-Beet increases the general fermentation activity of the intestinal microbial population, with an overall increase in the efficiency of fibre digestion, again increasing the energy supply.

Available in 20kg bags, Speedi-Beet has a RRP of around £9.90.

For more information please contact British Horse Feeds on 01765 680300 or visit www.britishhorsefeeds.com

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