4Feet for Hoof Care with Science Supplements

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hoof image 2 science supplements 500x426 - 4Feet for Hoof Care with Science Supplements

hoof image 2 science supplements 150x150 - 4Feet for Hoof Care with Science SupplementsIssues with hooves can be a relatively common occurrence, with the cause often relating to the horse or pony being on a poor diet, their genetics or the environment in which they are kept in. If hoof problems aren’t dealt with early or the risks reduced from the outset, far greater issues may arise which include the likes of cracking and splitting which can then lead onto lameness and a loss of balance.

The 4Feet hoof supplement from Science Supplements can however prevent many of these issues arising as it is formulated with a mixture of essential nutrients that enhance the hoof and horn condition, reduce the risks of cracking and splitting occurring, decrease any foot sensitivity and promote the growth of healthy skin and hair.

hoof image science supplements 150x150 - 4Feet for Hoof Care with Science SupplementsScience Supplements are well aware of the importance of caring for your horse’s hooves and supply this supplement in a 2kg tub which provides a six month supply to be added directly to a horse’s normal feed. Due to the slow growth of the hoof, the effects of the supplement won’t be noticeable until a few months after first use, which is why a six month’s supply is offered.

The Science Supplements’ website offers further information on hoof care and also allows you to purchase the 4Feet hoof supplement online. A nutritional advice line is also available on 0345 5046940 where questions can be answered on any of the supplements available to purchase through the website.

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