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After much hilarity, we have given in and succumbed to a request by a legend in his own ego, Jim Khana, to feature his take on, and indeed observations on the Equestrian scene.  Jim is an avid watcher and occasional rider, does not profess for one moment to be any good at either of them, misses loads of moments because he’s in the queue for a burger, being hard of hearing the ringside banter is greeted by a pretend-knowing nod and smile.  Riding, well – there have been some stand out performances for nil return, but what the heck, it’s the turning up that counts eh!

So… readers… brace yourselves as Jim will be making an extra special effort to sit straight, grab himself a ribbon, even if it means nicking it from the next door lorry and reporting on his voyages round the competition circuit this season – to be honest, such is Jim’s devout belief in his own capabilities, you never know where he’s going to turn up, no discipline will be safe!

Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy!

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