“Kick-Stop” eliminates door-kicking and banging in an instant!

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kickstop - “Kick-Stop” eliminates door-kicking and banging in an instant!

Danish company Quiet Stable have invented a unique patented product to stop the irritating and damaging habit of horses kicking in the stable. 

Door kicking is an extremely annoying behaviour, not only does it cause irritation to other horses and humans but also causes repetitive injuries to lower limbs, feet, and other areas of the body.  This gives constant concern and worry to an owner as well as costly veterinary visits and treatment when damage has been done to the horse.

kickstop-insertQuiet stable’s innovative “Kick-Stop” product is an easy to install rubber pad which emits an electrical pulse on contact.  Taking the idea of electric fencing to the stable, it works in a far less aggressive way but with immediate results.  Based on “negative reinforcement” which should not be confused with punishment, it allows the horse to associate that its action alone creates the negative feedback.  

The rubber pad which measures 58cm x 58cm is equipped with an aluminium rail for fixing to the door or wall and is installed in the stable where the horse kicks. After it has been fitted, the rubber pad is connected to an energiser which delivers a weak pulse through the pad. When the horse kicks the pad it will feel a small electrical impulse corresponding to around 40% of the strength emitted from a conventional electric fence unit.   The current is then disconnected, but by leaving the pad in place, the horse associates it with a place not to touch and only needs to be reconnected if the horse starts banging again and needs a quick reminder.

Much research has gone into the strength of current that is acceptable.  It would be no good frightening the horse with a really strong “zap” that would then make him feel very uncomfortable being in the stable.  There had to be a balance to ensure the horse’s sense of security and comfort whilst producing the desired effect of eliminating the stable banging.

Having been fully trialled for the last two years with great success in professional competition yards in Denmark and Germany and developed in conjunction with vets and with the approval of the Danish Animal Protection Counsel, this provides an effective and unique solution to a frustrating stable problem.

kickstop-insert2Positive feedback and testimonials from many top yards in Denmark and also include UK event rider, Kristina Cook – “I’m very happy to have the Kick-Stop Pad installed, as my horse was injuring himself all the time by kicking in his stable and I tried everything else to make him stop but without success.  The Kick-Stop Pad made him stop kicking immediately and now I have a quiet stable and can sleep at night knowing there will be no injuries to deal with in the morning!”

The unit comes with a rubber mat, energiser, earthing rods and wiring. Additional pads are available separately. Introductory price of £495.00 inc VAT.

Already proven in Denmark, Kick-Stop is now available in the UK and is available from the following distributors:

Paul Baber – Style International – www.crosscountryboots.co.uk Tel: 01454 775505

Iain Asher – Friday Fox – www.fridayfox.co.uk Tel: 01254 701458

Vicky Goody – Clippersharp Ltd – www.clippersharp.com Tel: 01823 681076

For further details and video visit: www.quietstable.com or click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHyDWFI5fpw


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