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‘What’s in your haynet?’ campaign launches

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Daily ration of hay in winter small image - ‘What’s in your haynet?’ campaign launches

Daily ration of hay in winter small image - ‘What’s in your haynet?’ campaign launchesTwo leading horse care experts have joined forces to highlight the importance of understanding what’s in a horse’s hay ration, and balancing the animal’s diet accordingly. Barefoot hoofboot distributor Trelawne Equine is working with feed manufacture Dengie Crops Ltd to help educate horse owners about the availability of hay analysis, which is used to assess a horse’s nutritional status.

“Good quality, low-sugar forage should form the largest part of a horse’s diet, but it is also important to make sure he is receiving all the vitamins and minerals he needs to thrive, as a deficiency or imbalance will quickly show up in the horse’s hooves. This is the reason many barefoot owners are focussed on getting their horses’ diets right, in order to maximise hoof health and soundness,” says Lucy Nicholas of Trelawne Equine, author of JA Allen’s ‘The Barefoot Horse’. “This is why we advocate hay analysis, and in particular Dengie’s excellent service, as it forms a great starting point for devising a suitable diet for each individual horse.”

horses eating hay   whats in your haynet release low 200x300 - ‘What’s in your haynet?’ campaign launchesDengie’s forage analysis service normally costs £20 for the basic analysis which includes protein, fibre and oil, or £30 for the comprehensive test which includes minerals. However the company is offering 20% off this price to customers that quote a code that can be found at Trelawne Equine’s facebook page – facebook.com/TrelawneEquine. Once you have the code, simply email feeds@dengie.com with your personal details, quoting this code. You will then receive a ration evaluation sheet which should be returned with a sample from your regular hay ration.

“We look forward to raising awareness about this service to all horse owners with the ‘What’s in your haynet?’ campaign. Hay analysis is something of a secret weapon when it comes to devising targeted equine diets, and helps owners ensure their feed supplementation is relevant to the animal’s base hay ration, and is being supplied at the correct levels,” explains Dengie’s equine nutritionist, Katie Williams.

Visit – www.trelawneequine.co.uk or www.dengie.com for further details about the two companies.

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